Take a Trip to the Ice Age This Weekend

Can’t decide what to do for the weekend ahead? Let Manny the Mammoth and his entire herd enthrall you and your family this weekend with their newest adventure Ice Age: the Continental Drift. Unlike the other recent animated movies this has been made especially for the children that can be enjoyed by the entire family. An hour and 34 minutes’ long trip to the pre-historic age, this movie has enough fun to delight the kids and complex issues to make the elders think. Even though you won’t find anything extraordinary compared to the movies that focus on similar experiences, it is a completely harmless comedy for all to enjoy.

The cast of this filmed contains several new voices for the new faces apart from the original trio, Ray Romano as Manny, John Leguizamo as Sid and Denis Leary as Diego. Queen Latifa as Ellie, Manny’s wife and Nicki Minaj as the daughter, and the others have successfully added spice to the already delicious platter.

The plot begins with the now extended herd living in harmony till the hilarious rat Scratch accidentally cracks the legendary continent Pangea in to the world as it is today. The herd is divided into two groups and one (the trio – Manny, Sid and Diego) are stranded on an iceberg. While the trio goes on a survival trip, the rest embark on a journey to unite with them and on the journey the little mammoth learns some priceless lessons on friendship with her friend Louis.

The fun begins when the gang faces the pirates, yes, you are reading it right. The monkeys, the rabbits and the seals in their deadly boat shaped icebergs are the most worthy pre-historic counterparts of the present day sea pirates. These pirates with the evil ape with a deadly fingernail as their leader evoke a greater scare among the viewers. The actions are quite complete in themselves without having to add the animation and will surely glue you to your seat in anticipation.

With everything to gain and nothing to lose this is a complete entertainment for the whole family to be enjoyed on a leisurely weekend afternoon. You might buy one from the various online sites where the latest release for DVD can be easily found.

The viewers are still waiting for the legacy to complete which will only be with the release of the film featuring only Scratch and his life’s desire of retrieving the nut!!


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The author Matthew Parker is a passionate blogger and writes on movies and latest release for DVD. Here, he talks about the newest addition to the Ice Age series, Ice Age: Continental Drift. The gang has increased in size and so has the fun but the longing for another sequel refuses to be done away with.

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