Celebs and Instagram

Fans all over the world used to stalk their idols on Facebook, Twitter and similar social networking places. But now we can do it by flipping through retro artsy pics from Instagram app. This is addictive app and celeb instagrams gave us opportunity to peek into their world through this prettified pics. Many celebrities chose to leave their Instagram accounts open to public. You would ask yourself who would care about what someone’s cat, daughter or family was doing last weekend. Well, don’t worry! Some of us do care.

In fact, if you see the number of users following some celebrities, you will be absolutely positive that there are people around you minding someone’s business. For example, Taylor Swift’s account has around 2.6 million followers, even though she is not the most popular celebrity using Instagram app. No wonder why Facebook purchased Instagram for a lot of cash. No, nobody would pay so much for pictures of your high school teacher’s cat or what your co-worker ate for lunch. The key is to follow someone interesting for a large number of people.

If you follow Kim Kardashian (KimKardashian), you will see lot of happy family photos, but also her sexy shots in various places, clothes and states of undress. Taylor Swift, mentioned above, has a lot of backstage pics and the photos of her lovely cat. If you follow Rihanna (BadGalRiri) on Instagram, you will be always updated about her constant change of hair colors and styles as well as her close-ups with kissy faces.






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