Finally, Charlie Sheen Gets Apology and Thank You Letter From Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is always in news, she keeps putting herself in some or the other hole in various areas of her life every day. But now finally it seems like she is trying to fix her fences, and she started it with saying thanks to actor Charlie Sheen.

Lohan is not doing very good these days, but she behaves as if she is not aware of it. Recently, the actress had some major issues with the IRS, according to whom she owed around $235,000 taxes. Her bank account and her storage locker have been seized by them.

But Lindsay might know that she does have something to say on her reputation, even if it is already too late for it. Actor Charlie Sheen mentioned recently that he wrote a check to Lohan to help her with the bill of tax, he wrote a check upto $100,000 according to the reports. But later he also complained that she never said thanks to him for his help.

Now, close sources of Lindsay say that she didn’t mean to be rude and the only reason she never personally thanked the actor is because her phone had some issues and she lost all the contacts including the number of Charlie Sheen.

It looks like if Lindsay wanted to obtain Charlie’s phone number and really tried for it, she could have got it, but she also gave another excuse saying that she got disturbed trying to handle her other legal issues like getting behind the bars in NYC and some criminal charges against her and she was not able to keep the track of time.

But now it looks like she finally realized her mistake and found time to ask for apology to Sheen. Reports say that she saw Sheen’s comment and sent a thank you letter with flowers to his house. Thank God she didn’t lose his address this time…..

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