Knowing Nile – An Amazing Account of a Beautiful Relation Called Friendship

Knowing NileDo you believe that friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world? I believe it and I have seen a number of people who believe it too. One need not look at the base of a friendship, whether it is sex, or business partnership, or common hobbies. Two people, totally different from each other, can come together as friends and may live that way for life. The multi award nominated blog 2015 “Knowing Nile” by Ian Zachary Whittigham is an ideal example of the beauty of a heavenly relation called friendship, where a friend pays touching yet extremely witty tribute every week to his friend who passed away untimely.

Knowing Nile (A Year of Knowing Nile) is a Facebook-based blog written by Ian Zachary Whittigham in the memory of his friend and business partner Nile Southwood who committed suicide in 2012 at a tender age of 19. The blog is a frank and incredibly amusing account of Nile Southwood’s last year in London, as it appeared to Ian Zachary Whittigham’s eyes. It describes how their friendship blossomed while they lived in the Brick Lane of London.

Nile Southwood is described as an outstanding young man who gave a brave fight against mental ailment for quite a long time before his unfortunate suicide. Ian’s blog is an effort to console those who knew him and to give a human face to the tragedy, not only for the person who committed the suicide, but also to those who were left behind in a deep despair.

The outlay of Knowing Nile is simple yet definitely effective with a release of a new story almost every week. The story covers a remarkable event in the lives of Nile and Ian they spent together. If you love to get stunned by the sight of an amazing friendship, Knowing Nile is what you should visit regularly.

Readers of Knowing Nile are also given liberty to share their own experiences of Nile’s final year, its beauty, its pain, its darkness and its magic. It’s incredibly easy to do that.

The growing popularity of A Year of Knowing Nile brought the blog a nomination for the Online Media Award 2013. The blog has also drawn attention of lots of charities and organizations including Colchester Mind, FRANK and the Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.

About Ian Zachary Whittigham

Ian Zachary Whittigham was born in Manchester as Ian Brown and was fostered by Terry and Pauline Whittingham. He was brought up with two sisters and two brothers and studied at the University of Westminster. He proved to be incredibly intelligent and multi-talented, showing his talent since childhood in acting, modeling, drama, music as well as commerce. He was earning £300 weekly at the age of 14. Later he entered into television production too and gave a hit program like “Young, Posh and Loaded”. After taking a vast experience of the world and a variety of fields for 12 years, Ian decided to establish his own company and did so in form of Manic Media Group in October 2010. The company is about to come up with three projects, one of which has the lead role of Ian himself.

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