London Power 100 and Other Ways to Meet Your Favourite Celebrity

London Power 100If you are in love with a film personality or personalities, you always dream of meeting them. Well, though that may seem impossible to you like getting your hands on a star, actually there are ways to manage to meet them. Experienced people who do that share their tips and tricks to manage this.

Make Connections

One of the simplest ways to meet your favourite celebrities is to develop connections. Over time, you will come in touch with someone who knows a celebrity or celebrities. Ultimately, you may meet someone who knows celebs. For example, you can meet someone in the process of making of London Power 100, an annual list of 100 most powerful people in London. This list is aimed to identify the movers and shakers in London and is made under the careful supervision of the celebrated lawyer, Nicholas Taylor. London Power 100 was established by Lewis Drazen, a Witham based businessman, and their executive team contains Amara Khan, Tina Hansen and Viktor Tokarev.

If you can manage to make friends with someone who works closely with these people, you can get advantage of them to meet your favourite celebrity.

London Power 100

Attend Events

London is one of the best locations to meet celebrities. Usually celebrities come here to promote their most recent business ventures. Just give it a thought to the number of celebrities that come up with a new book, clothing line, television show, fragrances and more. You have such a wide scope to see and even meet your favourite celebrities; just keep an eye on events which they will be attending and you too attend those events. You can do this with the help of the list of London Power 100 as the list comprises of the latest activities of the celebrities.

Book signings are excellent events when you can get the opportunity to get a photo with the celebrities. You should just be ready to pay a small amount. Find a book signing event with the help of magazines, TV news or lists like London Power 100 and go there. But be prepared to wait for long. You may have to wait for several hours.

Attend Large Events

There are large events too where you can meet multiple celebrities. These include award shows and movie premieres.

Follow Your Favourite Celebrity on Social Networks

This is a great way to connect with your favourite celebrity. Follow their social network accounts religiously. They often announce beforehand if they are going to some place and you can then reach that place to meet them.

Meeting your favourite star is a unique joy. But it’s not impossible. If you try hard and consistently, you can make your dream come true to have this unique joy.

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