Norka Luque

Norka LuqueA Venezuelan by nationality,she was born on February7th, 1986. Norka Luque is a person whose persona will inspire you to follow your dream and achieve them. For her, the word impossible means I M possible. She is an artist who found her passion at a very young age and was very focussed towards her goal, which was to bring a positive message of optimism through her music.

As a child she had the unconditional support from her parents and began her training in music along with voice practice, piano, ballet and all this managing along with her academics. She has a degree in culinary arts, Marketing and Fashion from a reputed college in France. While she was in France she got an opportunity to be a part of a band which she grabbed and it kept her in connection with music and the music industry. It was few years back that a musician “Emilio Estefan Jr.” made her an offer to sing professionally. This was an offer that many newcomers and even old artists dream of. She herself considers this as of her dreams coming true.

A great team of producers who were directed by Emilio Estefan Jr and the composer was Hermanos Gaitan; Luigi Giraldo created a song “MILAGRO” which was promoted by Norka herself with El Cata.This was already a hit in the US, Puerto Rico. This song has a right mix of Caribbean sounds, reggae and it also conveys a beautiful message that fill the audience of this songs with a positive vibe and all these factors have made MILAGRO a great hit.

Norka believes that both societal and musical responsibilities are important. Rhythm, tones are all important but along with it there should always be a positive message because it is the positivity that gives strength to anyone to face all the situations. In 2016 she has a release of a song whose title is “Tomorrowland”. She continues to shine with encouragement from Emilio Estefan Jr.

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