The Much-Awaited Trailer of the IKONIC “DAWN OF IKONS” Documentary is Released

Women, cheer up and be proud of yourselves! The first all female hip-hop label documentary, IKONIC “DAWN OF IKONS” Documentary, is soon going to arrive. You can see its highly-awaited trailer on YouTube which was released on 27th July 2022. The trailer was presented by SONY AMG.

The exciting new Atlanta-based production focuses on Harlem music composer and female rap advocate, Eleven Ego Crusher, and several mighty female artists such as Pretty Lyon, Zha Zah Galore, Chloe Cartel and Eleven himself.

The capability of Eleven Ego Crusher for identifying raw talent is second to none which is clear from the nominations he has received for Grammy and American Music Award. It also shows that he is an icon in the music business who helps the artists he works with gain tremendous success.

What is IKONIC “DAWN OF IKONS” Documentary?

The official IKONIC “DAWN OF IKONS” documentary is an eye-opener for many who believe that music artists live a life full of fame, money and glamour. It’s an authentic portrayal of the challenges these artists have to face. Watching this documentary is a different experience that has been made enchanting by including some of the most dynamic, powerful and versatile female hip-hop artists in it. The trailer itself of the documentary is getting an overwhelmingly positive response from music lovers from all over the world from which you can imagine how excited they are to watch the actual documentary. The director of the documentary is Mazi Oyo, the renowned director of “What Happened”.

About Eleven Ego Crusher

Eleven is famous within industry circles, especially as a producer; but he has done all types of executive work. He is also known for his work with female artists. Through the IKONIC “DAWN OF IKONS” documentary, Eleven wants to share the story of artists he has worked with. He has decided to put together his deep history of working with legends like Ma Barker and Eve in this documentary. The documentary has recorded everything from Eleven’s early days to his present times working with the IKONIC label.

If you too were waiting eagerly for the trailer of the IKONIC “DAWN OF IKONS” documentary, enjoy it here: