4 Easy Tips to Make Your Family Movie Night Great

tips to make family movie night greatWhat else can be more fun than a family movie night? But if it’s going to start with arguments with a different choice for mom, dad and kids, and other family members if any, it surely can’t be so fun. Here are tips with which you can have an ideally fun family movie night.

Many parents feel that having kids restricts their regular date nights which they used to enjoy a lot before kids’ arrival. And if the parents are real movie buffs, they consider it hard times. However, for movie-lover parents, it’s easier to share with their kids than they think of.

Of course, family movie nights are quite different than a movie date night. At least for a few years, children are too young to sit quietly in their seats throughout the movie. Additionally, you have got pretty limited choices.

Once the kids come out of the animated movie age, either you are confused about what is right for them or they fight about the movie to watch. Here you will find these tips handy to make your family movie night fight-free.


When you are not sure about what to watch, start with the ones you’ve already watched so that you can judge if they are right for your kids as you already know what the next scene is. www.iwatchfreeonline.com is a best place to find all types of movies. You can choose a movie series like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean. If you haven’t watched any of the Marvel movie series, it can also be a fun choice.

2. Choose Best Movies Ever Made

If your kids are not grown up enough to enjoy The Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather, it isn’t necessary that you cannot start watching such films that are included in the best movies ever made list. Seek a best movies ever made list online and find movies that will fit the best to your family and this will make your family movie night fun!

3. Other Movie Ideas

There are so many topics and your kids may love a few of them, such as sports, space, dragons, animals or even sci-fi.

If everything else fails, let each family member choose her/his favorite movie one-by-one every family movie night. You can start from the youngest to the oldest or ladies first etc.

4. If the Movie is Right for Your Family

To decide this, read reviews of the movies on sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Read critics’ as well as audience’s reviews and find the best movies for your family.

So, henceforth choosing the right movies for your family need not be stressful and you can have a great family movie night!

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