Awesome Movie Ticket Design Ideas

movie ticketsWhile for several people, a ticket is only a permit to enter an event. However, for many others a ticket is much more. They keep tickets for several different reasons, as a reminder of their favorite films or favorite actor’s films, or a favorite concert, and so on. Ticket designing is an art and enough food for one’s creativity. It is aimed at increasing excitement of people about the event; also, it can be designed so excellently that its holder will hardly feel like throwing it away. Here are some awesome ideas of ticket designs.

Import Templates or Create Your Own for Family Movie Night

You can design your very own Family Movie Night tickets to create an excitement of going together for a movie. For this, you can download templates from an online printing service like 55printing or design your own and get tickets printed. Now get customize them according to the movie. For example you can add snowflakes or small bells to the ticket if it’s a Polar Express movie ticket. You can print tickets on red paper and add glitter to them for the movie Twilight to look like the ‘sparkling’ face of Edward. Distribute them among friends to invite them on the movie night and have fun!

Paper Movie Tickets

Create your movie tickets with card stock or construction paper and get the movie date, time and venue printed on a separate paper and glue it to the tickets. For decoration of the ticket, there are numerous options like adding cute decorative ribbon through a hole punched in the tickets. This small embellishment will add a charm to the tickets.

Personalize the Tickets

Get tickets printed with the movie name, date and venue on colorful tickets and add photos and names of each of your family members and/or friends to them. Decorate with gems, stickers and ribbons. is a leading printing service provider offering awesome products including movie tickets, CD covers and more. Visit their site to take a look at the wide range of products.

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