Capture the Flag – A Heartwarming Comedy of Patriots

Capture the FlagDonovan Montierth shares a common passion with his twin brother for writing, directing and producing films. They produced their first short film A.W.O.L. in 2003 which was followed by the second, REVEILLE, a year later. REVEILLE starred James McEachin and David Huddleston as Army and Navy veterans who compete in a one-upmanship game over a flagpole in a community of the retired.

REVEILLE won an Emmy and based on it, the twin brothers have decided to produce a feature film with Dick Van Dyke & Louis Gossett Jr named CAPTURE THE FLAG which also includes legendary character actors like John Amos, Barry Corbin, Paul Dooley and Rance Howard. Van Dyke is reported to be delighted regarding his role. The production team also consists of Barry Van Dyke and Eric J. Adams.

The film is a emotional comedy telling the story of two US Korean War Veterans who play a game of ‘capture the flag’ to decide who would win the right of raising Old Glory in the courtyard of their retirement community every morning. The Vets discover during the game – and heal – a shared haunted battleground memory as they realize about the courage to soldier on in each other.

Donovan recalls how while shooting an improv pilot for TV, he interviewed Van Dyke and shared REVEILE with his son Barry Van Dyke who recommended it to his dad and Dick loved it.

Dick read the script in a couple of hours and called Barry and said that he wanted to do it. He told his son to convince them to let him do it and that it was one of the best scripts he has read in 10 years.

Making CAPTURE THE FLAG with a cast of legendary actors (four of whom were military men) may seem easy. However, Hollywood studio executives told Brothers’ Ink that no one would want to see a movie about a group of “old patriotic guys”.

Donovan says, it’s a real shame and that’s the reason they decided to find support online.

The filmmakers are committed to help work with a lot of Veterans organizations to address Veterans’ issues.

Starting from Memorial Day Weekend to 4th July, you can extend your helping hand to crowdfund CAPTURE THE FLAG.

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