Emojis – Making Movies Simple and More Fun

emojis in filmsIn the world of internet words often get turned into abbreviations. The fast paced lifestyle demands us to use as little time as possible to type a message. So ‘Thank you’ becomes TY and ‘talk to you later’ turns into ttyl and so on and so forth. Now the abbreviations are being replaced by something much shorter and demand little to no time to put forth your message. It’s known as the Emoji.

What is emoji meaning? It is a mini digital image to convey your emotion or inkling. It’s the most commonly used form of electronic communication. Mostly used on social media applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Emojis in Films

This emoji is just a small digital image but it converses in multitudes for the younger generation. And guess what! Emojis have entered this year in films too in the form of a film named The Emoji Movie. The entire film dedicated to all different kinds of emojis.

About Emojiry

Emojiry translates all the ideas into emojis, from nature to fashion to food and especially movies. They literally convert entire movie plot into emojis. Explaining every character and plot line through different smileys and emoticons.

Imagine watching a complex movie like Amadeus through the use of emojis. It’s simply an interesting concept which keeps you hooked to it and makes you wonder how smartly the entire scenario between Mozart and Salieri unfolds through simple emojis. The same way, when you experience all the thrill of Ridley Scott classic Alien in the form of emojis, you can’t help but wonder about this interesting concept.

Most of the 90s generation has grown up watching Matrix and to revisit this classic one must visit Emojiry website and watch how they have turned this complex movie into a fun concept through emojis. You can revisit classics such as The Godfather, Star Wars, James Bond and much more on Emojiry. Enjoy all your classic characters and see how much fun it is to watch the movies in shape and form of emojis.

Emojiry is available in all the main languages and you can explore all different types of movie genres. It is certainly an interesting alternative to enjoy your movie nights.

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