Fantastic Tool for Enjoying US Version of Netflix in Canada

us netflix in canadaNetflix is the most popular movie streaming and it may be available in some 41 countries across the world. However users out of the US will get an inferiority complex when they will compare their Netflix libraries with that of the US version; they don’t even come near the US version. Canada too is not exception to this. Once you cross the border, access is denied to over 300 titles. Is there any solution to this? Yes, it is and it’s Netflix Proxy –!

The service of enables you to watch the US version of Netflix in Canada for FREE. Their system is very easy to configure and set up to allow anyone in Canada to easily watch US Netflix. You just need a valid Netflix subscription (Canadian).

How to Set Up? is extremely easy to set up. Even a non-technical person can install it. You need not sign up or don’t need any strings attached.

  • Login to your home router. Read the instructions on how you can connect to your home router.
  • Modify DNS. Find the DNS settings on the router and set them to the DNS settings of
  • You are done! Now you can start watching the US version of Netflix in Canada. You may have to allow an hour for their system to catch up.

Extreme Ease and Convenience is fantastic. Canadians can get as much as 3 times more Netflix content with it!

People’s feedback is suggestive enough. Take a look at this excerpt:

“I wanted to watch my favorite show Royal Pains on my Netflix when visiting my relatives in Canada. I have been watching it in US but it isn’t available as soon as you cross the border to the north. While searching online, I quickly found out that I can watch the show using a free service provided by It was so easy to set it up that I had it up and working in 15 min. and I was watching Royal Pains.”

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a real fan of movies and TV shows, get the Netflix proxy by set up today and start enjoying the huge collection, in your own country!

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