FLAY aka SLENDER Movie – A New Version of a Slender Man Legend

Flay posterIf you like thriller movies, there is one that I would gladly recommend you to watch. A feature movie represented by Empress Road Pictures, “FLAY aka SLENDER” comes from Phame Factory, film production company based in Austin. The director Eric Pham is known for his visual effects work with Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, Sin City and Spy Kids 3D.

Horror and thriller fans have been waiting for a cinematic version of the mythology, meme and scary faceless entity known as Slender Man. This character has stormed the internet world-wide, so it’s not a surprise to know that there where several film versions of Slender Man. Nevertheless, non has been good enough for the true thriller fans, because of their low production value. Finally, we have got the version which is worth watching!

Check out FLAY trailer to know what should you look forward to:

FLAY - Haunting visions from a Shaman (Jordan LeuVoy)This exciting and well composed trailer gives us the idea on what cinematic style and big budget look FLAY aka SLENDER brings. If, however, you expect the cliche story of the existing Slender Man myth, you’ll be terribly disappointed. This movie doesn’t retell the story, but tells its own original story. Flay is a modern mashup of Native American legend of a figure which “flays” the face of its victims and the Noppera-bo, Japanese faceless ghost.

FLAY - Hector, Bethany and Chrissy talk about a recent death (Noe dela Garza, Violett Beane, Kaylee King)The story is centered around an artist and recovering addict who unintentionally unleashes a centuries old curse by acquiring alluring and mysterious black chain which actually empowers FLAY, a faceless ghostly killer. He drags his victims to the netherworld, but their bodies are returned to the world seemingly with no harms.


FLAY - Billy (A. Michael Baldwin) comforts Moon (Elle LaMont)FLAY aka SLENDER was shot entirely in Austin, Texas, drawing from the strong base of local professional cast and crew that service ongoing feature movie productions from Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, Terrance Malick as well as TV production from ABC’s American Crime an HBO’s The Leftovers. As a matter of fact, Austin was again voted as the number one city for best place to live and work as a film industry worker, as voted by Moviemaker Magazine.

The movie director, Eric Pham is another filmmaker coming from Austin, TX. Along with developing the sequel to the thriller FLAY, Pham is currently prepping to direct and write a Sundance writer’s lab finalist, “A Boat Story”. An award winning filmmaker (Grand Prize in Showtime Network Alternative Film competition for KAT, his first short film as a writer and director) is also known for his work as a supervisor and visual effects artist and that can be felt even in this FLAY trailer. As a matter of fact, according to Film & Video Magazine, Eric Pham is a part of the new breed of digital filmmakers who are producers, directors and vfx supervisors all at once.

FLAY - Moon consoles with her brother River (Elle LaMont, Dalton Gray)_MFLAY stars Dalton Gray, Elle LaMont, Johny Walter, Violett Beane, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells and it features A. Michael Baldwin, best known for his Fantasm series role as Mike.

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Get ready for the enticing, visually stunning, thrilling story and beautiful and talented movie cast! I hope you’ll find this Slender Man version “real, frightening and original” which was, obviously, what the film crew tried to achieve. Looking forward to watching the sequel to FLAY aka Slender Man.

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