Harry Potter Holidays – Unforgettable Experience!

If you are enchanted by the atmosphere at Hogwarts School, the classes there, Great Hall, and other extremely mesmerizing locations, and so dream to have Harry Potter Holidays, you must at once catch a train towards Watford Junction. This is a magical tour to all the sets of Harry Potter films worth £100 million, situated at Leavesden Studios, within two hangars. If you are dedicated fans of Harry Potter, you will feel like visiting your spiritual home!

This Harry Potter tour is officially titled as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter. But you will have to remember that this is not a theme park, so you can’t take a ride or seat in the Great Hall or shop in a Diagon Alley shop. You can just enjoy watching the magical sets of Harry Potter films. But if you want to do more than this, there are also many enchanting tours available, like the tours by TheCelebrityPlanet.com.

Hogwarts Castle

At the beginning of the tour, the three main stars of Potter films are seen on a film screen welcoming visitors!







Great Hall

When you enter the front door of Hogwarts Castle, you get all the memories of Potter films with the glorious Great Hall laying before you, with tables arranged for a grand feast.

Fans of Harry Potter actually cry when they visit the Great Hall first time in their life, being unable to believe that they are there, at the site of real magic.

The Great Hall has been lovingly rebuilt after it was partly destroyed during some concluding scenes of the last film.

Gryffindor Common Room

You can see the picturesque scenes one by one, after the Great Hall, which include the dormitory of Gryffindor boys, where Harry Potter and his dearest friend Ron shared a quaint room with Dean, Neville and Seamus. The beds in the room soon started falling short of the growing heights of the actors. The Gryffindor Common Room needs no password to enter and the warm chairs welcome you, though the Fat Lady is absent.

Dumbledores Office


Another enchanting experience is to visit Dumbledore’s office. The cabinet is filled with magical gadgets and its walls are covered with hundreds of books, which are in fact leather-bound phonebooks.







Hagrid's Hut

The Hagrid’s Hut, is in fact tiny, so as to make Robbie Coltrane, the actor playing Hagrid, look gigantic, and is filled with cages of odd creatures, like fruit bats and hairless cats, which hang from the ceiling.




Diagon Alley

You can also enjoy window shopping in the Diagon Alley where you can see Ollivander’s wand shop and Wizard Wheezes of Weasley. The fantastic shopping venue is inspired from a combination of details from Potter stories and that of the scenes of Victorian Street described by Charles Dickens.



The collection of wigs and costumes is a must-see, so also are the monsters of Harry Potter like Buckbeat and Basilisk

The tour costs £28 for adults and £21 for children and there is a gift shop at the end where you can buy wands, replicas of robes and many such wonderful items. For a huge Harry Potter fan, it is an enchanting experience. log in here to see details.

There are many Harry Potter holidays out there, suitable to every budget, which too can be enjoyed by the Potter fans, who will certainly go through an unforgettable experience.



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