Harry Potter Spells – An Amazing Display of Imagination

Harry Potter spellsHarry Potter – the legendary series of novels by J.K. Rowling, based on witchcraft and wizardry with the most beloved hero Harry Potter of children and adults alike – has got its most charm in the Harry Potter spells. Along with wands, potions, charms and brooms, spells are the most enchanting elements of the story and they are used by many of the characters, from Dumbledore to Voldemort to achieve desirable effects without the use of modern technology. These spells are extremely popular among fans of witchcraft and wizardry around the world.

The very depiction of the spells in the fantastic story of Harry Potter is in itself very enchanting and includes a gesture done with wand and openly spoken or mentally uttered incantation. Both the books and the films based on them depict this process with such a beauty that the reader or audience gets stunned. The names of these spells too are interesting being taken from classical languages, mostly from Lain. More interestingly, though they resemble Latin words, they are not properly Latin.

HarryPotter casting a spell

It is amazing to see how the spells and charms are taught in Hogwarts and how the curriculum has classified them through different years of the course.

E.g. the first year’s study includes spells and charms like Levitation, Wand-lighting, Lumos Solem, Fire-making and Softening spells and examination is for making a pineapple dance on a desk, while second year’s study includes Skurge, Arresto Momentum, Fire-making and Levitation charms! As the curriculum goes further the study becomes harder and more difficult to achieve and we keep wondering how a human mind can have such a fantastic imagination.

A Cheering Charm is a charm or spell for making another person happy. It if is overdone, the person can undergo fits of uncontrollable laughter. The Seize and Pull Charm is a spell which forms a retractable rope of golden and orange light, which can be used to pull things within a particular distance toward the caster or pull him/her toward whatever they attach the spell to.

casting a spell

There are many such interesting spells like Freezing Spell, Summoning Charm, Silencing Charm, Water-making Charm and so on, reading and seeing which is extremely amusing and enthralling.

People are crazy after Harry Potter spells and seek their information for fun and passion. Fortunately there are some very good websites like HarryPotterSpells.org which give a lot of information about these spells so that the Harry Potter fans can fulfill their passion.

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