Hope Cafe (2013) – Review


From time to time, everybody could use some hope. Would you like to see a movie that will touch your spirit and remind you why life is all about being in it together? That s what a movie I just watched called Hope Caf is all about. Check it out on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2348478/
Radhaa Nilia is the director and producer of this marvelous movie. No matter where you come from, this movie is about universal values, the matters of soul and heart. Although Hope Cafe has a faith based theme, the movie s message is spiritual and non-judgmental.

The story follows two characters, Jade and Hector. Jade, played by Radhaa Nilia, is a young mother struggling to survive in this tough world, and to create a new life for her daughter and herself after leaving an abusive relationship. Hector, played by Noel Gugliemi, (Bruce Almighty, Training Day, Fast and Furious) is a street hustler from L.A. looking for a way to avoid living a life full of crime and violence. These two deeply wounded souls are challenged by their past, but together they work hard to find greater meaning in life.

There are many interesting characters that make Hope Caf such a wonderful move, including F. Valentino (the Ropes), one of Vin Diesel s best friends, who plays Marco, a charming yet dangerous LA gangster. Another character I really enjoyed was Pastor Miles, played by Filipino superstar and Asian International Award winning actor Raymond Bagatsing. He brings depth of feeling to his character and a sense of calm after the storm. There is also Beatrice, played by Mindy Tiry, a grounding force in Jades life. Her wisdom and love helps Jade change and move forward.

This is a well crafted film for first time female filmmaker Radhaa Nilia. Everybody makes mistakes, but if the world around us is so unforgiving, shouldn t we try to do better? Hope Cafe has a wonderful message: it is never too late for love, happiness and joy. But first, we have to take the journey of healing. This universal challenge is what this movie is all about. You can find out more about Hope Cafe at http://hopecafethemovie.com or http://www.radhaaniliaproductions.com


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