How to Pick the Right Movie to Watch

cinemaYou’re in the mood for watching a film, but you don’t have idea which one? If you don’t want to waste money and time viewing or renting a film that isn’t worth it, here are some tips that could help you!

Mood. Nobody wants to watch heart-breaking movie just after a terrible breakup. Since there are few movie genres, choose a movie and a genre that suits your mood.

Research. The internet is full of great places to find reviews, so start your research there. Read what regular moviegoers and critics have to say about the film. For example, you could check movie reviews at More for Your Dollars. Furthermore, read the summary or the description of the film to know the story-line. Finally, ask your friends who have already seen the movie about their own opinion, especially if you have similar taste in films.

Ratings. A film might have good cast, wonderful director and exciting story and yet it can be simply dud. Film ratings are, therefore, very useful when deciding if a film is worth watching. R-rated movies are not something you should choose if you are going to the theater with your kids; on the other hand, you cannot expect the horror movie to be G-rated.

Wish List. To narrow your choices, make a list of 5 films that seem interesting to you. Which of them matches your genre, mood and values? It will be easier for you to decide.

Trailer. Yes, it can attract you and show you what you can expect from the movie. After all, if you don’t like the trailer, the chances are. you won’t like the movie neither.

Compromise. If you’re going to the cinema with someone, make sure you take their taste into account, too. Although it might mean not doing exactly what you want, every movie watching experience is enhanced if you are watching it with someone.

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