Movie Review: ‘Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?’

is-that-a-gun-in-your-pocket‘Is that a gun in your pocket?’ is a great combo of fun, gun, sarcasm, women and men, battle of sexes, confusion and jokes! A comical story and a complete entertainer full of fun loaded with action from the beginning till the end, this family-oriented film offers great bouts of laughter. This is a story that mingles cause, care, relationships, attachment and family love in a 1 ½ hour package, and is you really should not miss. Scheduled to release on September 16, 2016, ‘Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?’ is the creation of Director Matt Cooper. With unending fun that is maintained all through the film, the storyline is interesting, exciting, amazing and engaging. Brilliant cast, natural acting, incredible twists and humorous plot are some of the many highlights of this film that takes place in the Texan township of ‘Rockford’.

Based on the men’s fascination over their guns, this film discovers a unique aspect regarding its influence on the town. Portraying families and their stance over guns, the film rotates around the simple citizens of the modest town. Though all the men in the amiable town are immensely interested in gun-shooting, a sad accident leaves their passion upturned. When a mistake of gun-shooting occurred unknowingly in elementary school upsets mother Jenna Keely (played by Andrea Anders), she makes her mind up to control the situation. Although her son understands the mistake and assures her to steer clear of such armaments, Jenna is firm to work over the problem. The stay-at-home mom persuades other ladies to be with her in a movement in opposition to guns, the plot becomes a pleasurable story.

When Jenna doesn’t succeed in convincing her husband Glenn (played by Matt Passmore) to dispose of his guns, her failure makes way for still more novel plans. By taking a promise to avoid any sort of sexual relation from her husband, Jenna is confident that this approach may transform his heart. Herewith, as Jenna succeeds to convince all the ladies in town to avoid sex in exchange of their men’s guns, a hilarious turn occurs in the story. Since the plot gets converted into a violent fight between women and men over guns and sex, the film becomes extremely entertaining. While each resident of the town has a part in this task, the team of women against men brings unending gags to the plot.

Jenna’s stance over the issue together with unpredicted backing from her teenage daughter portrays complications in their relationship. Although her daughter pays no attention to Jenna in the beginning, the flow of story brings them together.

The film gives a powerful message to all by working on a sensitive subject in a fully fun way. It portrays the willpower, courage and self-confidence of simple housewives, while working for their families’ safety. Though their technique of fighting involves funny ideas, it reveals the strength of common people in revolutionizing.

The storyline becomes successful in depicting a unique concept with easy commentary. The film presents itself as a perfect break from tedious routine. Since each character has enlivened the story, it looks real and amusing by all means. Setting of a simple town with distinctive residents and their habits add value to this comical movie.

Watch this film for its hilarious portrayal, simple storyline, unique plot, amusing characters and impressive message. This nice town with its adorable women and men will undoubtedly win your hearts, as they deal with a difficult scenario with their novel plans.

‘Is that a gun in your pocket?’ is the fun-filled solution to a grave problem. Will the ladies become successful in persuading their husbands with the weapon of ‘sex’? And will the men prefer guns to their wives’ love? Watch this film to get all the answers. Keep your mind open and get an unending stock of giggles, smiles and laughter.

The movie releases in New York City on 16th September and in LA on 23rd September. It will roll out throughout the country in the subsequent weeks.

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