Night Of The Unspeakable – Hip Hop, Horror Thriller

NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLEWritten and directed by Jamie Rhodes, Night Of The Unspeakable is a horror, hip hop, thriller that takes place in the setting of a recording studio. Anthony Dalton, Dena Toler, King Orr and Erreol Robinson are starring in this film.


The story of NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE is about a mighty demonic force that has been woken up and is threatening to destroy mankind. A rapper and his group, R&B Girl Group, a rock and soul band along with a spoken word artist are caught by a pair of deadly, evil demons one frightening night. The demons are freed accidentally. But as soon as they are released, they start to satisfy their carnal wish and blood thirst by first seducing and then slaying their victims sadistically.

The young artists when trapped by the demons come to a scary and brutal conclusion that they have been caught within a life or death struggle, and that prior to they have to lose their lives and immortal souls, they should destroy the demons.

The film is less of a horror movie and more about highlighting some really amateur rap and hip hop artists.

An extremely long crawling title reveals us that angels and demons are indeed beings called Celestials or Supernatural who are participating in an eternal battle for the souls of humanity. After the angels win the age-old war, a sisterhood of mystics is given the task to watch over the demons in a jail of conch.

One member of the sisterhood is a street poet who lays tracks in a recording studio. But a wrong person grabs her conch because of which the demon escapes in the studio. Three more bands happen to record singles in the same studio and are caught by a demon who wants to devour their souls one after the other.

It’s commendable how the makers of NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE have successfully packaged their music in the disguise of a horror film.

Visit to know more about NIGHT OF THE UNSPEAKABLE and view the film. Its DVD is also available on Amazon.

So, if you are a horror movie lover, you have this latest horror, hip hop thriller that will scare you, but in a hip hop way!

Enjoy the trailer:

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