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Nolly View TVIf you are movie lover to such an extent that you love not only Hollywood movies but also Nollywood and Bollywood movies or if you are a budding filmmaker, you will be glad if I share something about NollyViewTV! This is an innovative platform in the United Kingdom for all sorts of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood & Nollywood; the platform allows you to advertise your latest movies before they officially come out.

Nolly View TV offers pay per view service giving filmmakers the privilege to showcase their awesome work, and on the other hand generate revenue by using their pay per view system.

Movie lovers can stream and watch movies for free with the help of Nolly View TV.


If you haven’t yet come across the term ‘Nollywood’ let me tell you that it’s the world of cinema in Nigeria. Its history dates back to the late 19th century and early 20th century during the colonial era. The film industry in Nigeria has progressed through the colonial era, a Golden Age and video film era, to enter the budding New Nigerian Cinema of today. UNESCO in 2009 rated Nollywood as world’s second largest film industry in terms of output after Bollywood. Today it’s the 3rd largest after Hollywood and Bollywood. It’s also true that though Nollywood is based in Nigeria, its films are popular all over Africa and even outside. The industry is famous for pumping out nearly 50 movies per week.


Bollywood is the other name of the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai, India. It is the largest film producing industry in India, earning 43% of the net box office revenue, while the film industry of two other Indian languages, Tamil and Telugu, earn 36%. While non-Indians take Bollywood as overall Indian film industry, Bollywood is only a part of the Indian film industry which consists of cinemas in many other Indian languages.

Hope your interest in all these cinemas have aroused enough with this information and you are eager to watch the latest of them; log on to Nolly View TV and start streaming!

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