Point of No Return – A Good Entertaining Suspense Thriller

Point of No ReturnIf you’re a fan of action thrillers, you might have watched them in a variety of settings, but hardly in the settings of the world of aviation. Now you can see one in the form of Point of No Return which is a mystery with a unique backdrop. Released in December 2018 and written and directed by Kevin Glynn and starred by Bernard Deegan, Paul Ronan, Steven Berkoff, Jordan Coombes and Nick Dunning, Point of No Return is a story of an aircraft engineer, Peter.


The whole story of Point of No Return takes place in Ireland. As an aircraft engineer, Peter’s job is to build aircrafts and of course he needs various parts to build the airliners. Jason, Peter’s manager and friend, supplies him parts to be fitted to a passenger Jet. Peter fits the parts in the Jet; but the parts being faulty cause an accident and eventually the death of a passenger. Jason has deceived Peter and involved him in fitting the dud parts. However, Jason is found murdered. Air accident investigation committee holds Peter guilty for the accident and the passenger’s death. Police is hunting Peter also for Jason’s death. Peter is totally helpless and has no one to turn to. But he has to clear his name and bring the real criminal to the law before he too is caught or killed.

Now as Jason who has supplied the faulty part to Peter is killed, questions arise as to who the actual culprit is behind the conspiracy, whether it’s only one person or a gang, whether their objective is only to trap Peter or something bigger, if they want to trap Peter, what the reason is, is it a revenge or is Peter an obstacle in someone’s life or is it something totally different. Doubtlessly, Point of No Return is packed with the thrill and excitement mystery-lovers would love.

Star Cast

Bernard Deegan plays the role of Peter in the film. He is a talented actor and producer, known for his films, The Honeymooners and Speed Dating, apart from Point of No Return.

The film introduces Jordan Coombes, a Dublin-based actor, as ‘Lisa’.

About Kevin Glynn

Point of No Return is written and directed by Kevin Glynn under his film production company Big Idea Films Ltd. The company is based in the West of Ireland and primarily focuses on the production of films, TV shows, documentaries and music videos. In short, Kevin is a multi-talented personality.

If you’re looking for a good entertaining suspense thriller, go ahead and watch Point of No Return!

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