Premier of Grown by Freedom, a Film Dedicated to the War in Ukraine, in Berlin

Grown by FreedomGrown by Freedom is a documentary about the Ukraine War. If you’re willing to watch it, you’re in luck, because a short version of it is going to be premiered from March 6 to 10 at the Berlin Economic Forum. Alyona Shevtsova, the movie’s showrunner as well as a shareholder of IBOX BANK and CEO at the LEO International Payment System shared this information.

The base of the movie is interviews and chronicles. It’s based on documentary film from the moment of the start of a full-scale invasion and presents a lot of evidence of bombarding, ruined Ukrainian cities and horrible stories of eyewitnesses. Irina, the mother of Dmitry Kozatsky, the defender of Azovstal, is one of the key heroes of the movie. The Grown by Freedom will become historical proof of Russia’s crimes against Ukraine.

The story of the IBOX BANK and LEO financial institutions from Ukraine is also a part of the film. It tells how these institutions had to relocate their staff to the West of Ukraine and Poland, as well as about how they maintained the stability of operations during the war.

At present, the filmmakers are thinking of negotiating with Netflix about releasing their film tape on the streaming platform.

Alyona Shevtsova says, “During the war, we had to undergo so many harsh moments. That was the time when I realized that we should structure and organize everything because many things can be easily forgotten. We have seen and saved the sequence of events that our children and grandchildren, who will watch this film to know what we had to go through and feel, will use. Such a movie is the only device which will preserve it and pass it on to the next generations. Doubtlessly, we wanted to make all these events reach a wider audience, the entire world and people from all continents. Hence, it’s our task to sign a contract with Netflix to make the streaming platform present our movie.”


Alyona Shevtsova is a financier, a banker, the CEO of the LEO International Payment System, a stakeholder and the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of IBOX BANK.

IBOX BANK is a Ukrainian transactional bank in operation in the financial market since 1993. The bank could enter the Top 10 most profitable Ukrainian banks las year, as per the NBU thus taking the 7th place among all banks in Ukraine by the end of 2022.

LEO is an international payment system designed to process payments. The organization develops and provides complex payment solutions for large businesses, and also works with game developers. It’s also the 3rd largest money transfer system in Ukraine. LEO IPS has offices in Lviv, Kyiv and Warsaw.

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