Rippln – New Netflix?

ripplnYou can hear a lot of buzz about Rippln, the new mobile application and you might be wondering what exactly is Rippln. It is a new and FREE app with the tendency to change our communication. In fact, Rippln is the first mobile platform that rewards people for being active on social networks. Yes, not only that you do not have to pay for social networking, you can be paid for it! Some rumors suggest that Rippln have the tendency to outgrow e-mailing, even Twitter and Facebook.

Well, we will witness its improvements and succeeding in that mission in years to come. However, in the next days, Rippln has new plans. This platform is launching a new network: video rentals online within Rippln platform. They are starting out with indie films with great storyline and message and want to work their way up to blockbuster movies over time. What about Netflix? Apparently, people are kind of unsatisfied with it right now, since it seem to be good for junk movies and kids films. What if you want something different, something more meaningful, more beautiful, more artistic? Rippln seems to have the solution.

But what about people who are not in movie industry, just regular social networking people? Here’s exactly where Rippln has something to offer. Imagine being rewarded and earning commissions for sharing and renting films online? Wouldn’t it be cool? So, check out Rippln and enjoy your favorite pass time activity while getting rewarded!

Is Rippln the next Netflix, but better and improved?

Check out this video for more details and information:


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