Role of a Writer in Film Industry

how to write a movie scriptOur world is having more than 6000 current living languages, 6% of them have more than a million speakers each and count for 94% of the world population. So it works as a source for writing because it includes different ideologies, a way of representation, culture, traditions, people’s behavior and the most important is their literature. Dramas are the past of current films which often combined with music, dance, and dialogue. Here comes the important role of writer to work on different ideas. Skilled writers who are able to use a language to express ideas well often contribute important values and cultural content of a society.

The script is a written work by a writer for a film, television program, and theater drama. A writer is the person who uses various styles to present his ideas in the script. After the period of motion pictures, most script writers came into focus and with the progress in movie industry script writers also diversified their way of thinking.

Movie script can also be classified by the setting, theme, topic, mood, format, target audience and the most important is the budget. Today film script has been sold for million dollars, it’s no wonder people are becoming more interested in writing a script. For any director and producer, script of a movie is the key to success. Where the actual story begins for any movie, work starts on the actual concept, how to write a movie script for various types like horror, war, science fiction, and animation etc. Role of the writer in the movie industry always remains important from the first day to last day of shooting. A writer can produce script material across a number of genres, fictional or non-fictional and the whole scene or any part of the movie and their location is always described by the writer as per his stories outline. A screenplay writer starts their careers by writing the screenplay with no advance payment. And they have to write as per the condition by the director.

The writer plays a prime role in the creation of the best movie. Though he is a hidden part of the screen his importance cannot be ignored at all, from best story line to the fantastic dialogue. The writer is a back bone of every film as he plays a huge role in creation of the film.

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