Ryan Reynolds and Reese Witherpoon in Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes”

"Reynolds - Witherspoon"Ryan Reynolds and Reese Witherspoon will play Walter Keane and Margaret in a biopic that tells the story of couple whose art became a pop wonder during 1950’s and 60’s, the art was especially focused on paintings of doe-eyed kids.

Their art became very popular, it got marketed and reproduced throughout the country, but their home life was not happy. Margaret Keane is an artist, but her husband took all the credit. The art carried the name of Walter Keane, instead of Margaret.

When the two got separated, both claimed their rights to the paintings. At the end, Margaret even painted a picture to prove that she was the real artist. When Walter was asked to paint by the judge, he refused saying that his is suffering from shoulder pain and he was not able to paint because of that. Rights of paintings were given to Margaret by the judge ultimately.

Larry Karaszewsi and Scott Alexander wrote the movie and they will direct the film. Time Burton is producer for the film in the name of Tim Burton Productions. Jamie Patricof and Lynette are also producing in the name of Electric City Entertainment.

The directors said, “they are very happy to have their dream cast for their dream project. They also said, Walter is a bigger than life antihero, he is funny, dangerous, crazy and charming. Ryan will be the best person to do this role. Reese will be perfect as Margaret, she is transforming, decent, soulful and fight for herself beautifully.”

The movie “Big Eyes’ has been on their to-do list since 2009, they are also working with Burton on a new version of “The Addams Family”.

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