ScAIRcrows Review

scAIRcrows movieHorror films based on the concept of murderer scarecrows are not new; however, when a twist is offered to the commonplace story, it definitely becomes worth watching and that’s what has been achieved by Chris Gallagher’s ScAIRcrows in which the scarecrows fly and a new dimension is added to their already horrifying element!

The film ScAIRcrows is set in a park in the countryside in England and it follows a group of four friends that go to an abounded house for a long weekend. It’s a mixture of Urban Legends meets scream but with flying killer scarecrows who seek revenge on humans.

The film stars:

  • Hayley Angela Gilbert
  • Victoria Smith
  • Elise Armstrong
  • Damien Warren Smith
  • Merry Fotso
  • Rich Keeble
  • Blue Jigsaw

It’s a first time movie written and directed by Chris Gallagher.

The film has a great plot with unusual twists. If you like gore, this is certainly for you.

It has a great cast of actors all giving outstanding performances.

I will never look at a scarecrow the same. And don’t forget scarecrows have feelings too!

scAIRcrows movie

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