The Act of Drowning by Lukasz Sosnowski – A Must-watch

Lukasz's portfolioFilm is the most effective medium for inculcating concepts and ideas in commoners’ minds. Thus if a person is illiterate or doesn’t understand your language, s/he understands what you want to say through your film, which you can’t convey to her/him through a book or any other medium. And among films, short films are again the most effective and a short and sweet way to express your thoughts. Lukasz Sosnowski is a London-based videographer and digital media producer who has identified this power of short films and has made them one of his passions. One of his best works is an experimental film named ‘The Act of Drowning’ which you must watch.

What is ‘The Act of Drowning’ About?

‘The Act of Drowning’ was made by Lukasz Sosnowski after a life-changing experience when he was about to be drowned and a sailor saved his life. The film is about the thoughts that come to one’s mind when he is about to be drowned. The person need not always be drowned, but in any way s/he is about to die and how s/he remembers all her/his life, and good moments, like a slideshow, while struggling for life and somewhere s/he realizes that this is the end!

The Act of Drowning is an amazing film in which it is shown what a person about to die thinks. As per the scientific research (which Lukasz Sosnowski found out) when such an incident happens (a person sinks) the brain stops working within 3 minutes and death is complete at the end of 7th minute. What surprises the filmmaker is instead of trying for life, he had taken for granted that he would die then and there was nothing to be done! And with that thought, he was just reviewing his life and what good had happened in his life, how nicely he was brought up, his birthdays and other such happy moments. Fortunately he was saved by a sailor; otherwise, he himself wouldn’t have tried to save himself and was just passively enjoying a slideshow of his life without any pain!

The amazing piece of art was made by Lukasz Sosnowski with the intention of guiding others who might face such an experience and also to console those who have lost their dear ones in such mishaps.

Lukasz SosnowskiLukasz Sosnowski is an extremely creative filmmaker with excellent IT skills, loves the process of creation, finding new solutions and progressing with technical advancements. On his website, you can look at his varied works proving his versatility. His portfolio includes projects on music videos, concerts, sports, documentaries and short films, live events and interviews, behind the scenes footage and much more.

Meeting such a personality in itself is a joy. Don’t miss enjoying Lukasz Sosnowski’s works of arts!

Lukasz's portfolio

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