The Amazing Spiderman: Was It Really Amazing?



A genetically mutated spider bites the shy but intelligent Peter Parker and he get amazing powers because of that. So, will he find out information about the disappearance of his parents with his recently acquired skills?

This new flick of Spiderman begins with the disappearance of Peter Parker’s parents in a mysterious way. Peter grows up in his aunt (Sally Field) and uncle (Martin Sheen)’s house. Peter always gets bullied by other students at school and he has a crush on his beautiful classmate Gwen (Emma Stone). One day Peter finds a bag of his father and comes to know about the connection between his father and the scientist Dr. Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans.

Peter gets curious to know more about his father and starts to sneak around the office of Connors and ends up in getting bitten by a spider that is genetically modified. After that bite Peter becomes strong, fast and he notices some amazing powers within his body. All of a sudden, he begins to get everything that he wanted, he gets his love, and he does some genetic research with Connors and enjoys his Spider powers.

But these things doesn’t remain there for long time, a vicious turn of the fate takes his uncle away from him. Connors makes use of formula discovered by Peter and uses it to renew his arm. Though the formula doesn’t work according to his plans, Connors starts to cause destruction with his new powers….so will Peter Parker “The Amazing Spiderman” be able to stop Connors?

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