The Castle – A Complete Horror Entertainment Package

The Castle, a WW2 based Horror feature filmThink of a historic castle haunted by horrific Nazi ghosts that can do anything to make the life of living humans hell! If you are trapped in such a castle, how would you manage to escape? How would be the experience of living with such ghosts – day and night, under a tremendous stress and fear? Have you ever imagined what would happen if you had to live with ghosts?

You might have or might not. But you can see this very story happening on the silver screen and I am sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy it! This is a brand new film named The Castle, which is a WW2 based Horror feature film, brought to you by Distant Star Pictures i.e. DSP. You can bring this film to reality by helping their Kickstarter campaign in many ways. But first let’s know about the film.

Storyline of The Castle

The Castle is about ghosts of Nazi soldiers and their colonel haunting a charming historic castle and a couple who unknowingly gets stuck up in the haunted castle.

The background of the film is of WW2 which has been shown for around 10 minutes at the start of the film. This period is of around 1945 when the World War II was about to end. A German SS under the colonelship of a wicked colonel, Colonel Hoffman, is causing terror throughout Europe for 7 years by conducting mass shootings and plundering invaluable artifacts and treasures. However, the Allied forces finally reach the Castle and fight with the Colonel’s SS and kill all the Nazi soldiers. At the end of the war, the Colonel commits suicide.

Several years pass after the fierce war. A couple named Walter and Anna decide to enjoy a vacation in Germany and book a cottage there. When they are preparing to leave, they receive an email in which they are offered a lucrative vacation in Germany itself, but in an elegant, huge Castle which is entirely for them, and for a much lesser price! Who can reject such an offer? Naturally, Walter and Anna too cannot and accept the offer.

They leave their place and reach the Castle and fall in love with the dreamy castle. They happily imagine that they will have a great stay in such a huge and cozy castle, just like a royal couple.

But truth is something different, and terrible! They get in the castle, arrange their belongings and are about to start their stay and vacation, when they get a fearsome feeling that they are not alone in the castle and someone is watching them.

At first, they try to remove this feeling from their mind by keeping a positivity that they are imagining things because the castle is so huge, and try to enjoy the stay, because they don’t want to lose their vacation mood.

However, soon they realize that they are actually not alone in the castle, but there are certain horrible creatures moving around them. It was not their imagination, but there are some actual deadly ghosts watching them from all over and they have been caught within an extremely frightening space full of ghosts and it’s seemingly impossible to escape!

What will Walter and Anna do now? Will they manage to escape from the ghosts? Will their hardships come to an end? Or will they have to stay trapped among the horrific spirits and finally die? All your questions will be answered in The Castle – you should really watch this amazing film.

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Why is The Castle So Amazing?

Normally horror films are made with the intention of giving viewers an experience of extreme fear and it’s enjoyable too, because the viewer is actually safe on his seat, and all the fearsome incidences are happening far from him on the screen which he enjoys, though he is scared a lot.

The Castle is different and above the normal horror films because it’s a successful combination of some different genres than horror, such as WWII, history and war. Thus lovers of these genres are also going to enjoy this film. Thus history buffs, war lovers, WWII enthusiasts and horror fans will love this film alike.

Moreover, the actors in the film have presented their best performance. All of them are talented and experienced, and are known for their performances in films, theatre and other facets of the industry like commercials, modeing etc. They have taken the film to a new level with their acting which you will appreciate.

Plus, other sides of the film i.e. concept writing, production, direction, setting and making of the film has been excellently handled by the DSP’s utmost creative team of highly driven professionals who are passionate about film-making and always strive to give something outstanding to the audience. This is the reason why their fans eagerly await their films.

One excellent example of their creativity is that the castle in the film looks like a real German castle and will give you the feeling of entering one with its perfectly European architecture. However, in reality, it’s a huge mansion built by a former newspaper owner in Illinois! Thus, the production team has taken real pain in finding the appropriate place that provides a perfect backdrop for the horror as well as historical themes of the film. In the film, it has been shown to be built upon mass graves of Germanic barbarians killed by the Roman Empire centuries ago in Germany.

Even the war shown at the starting of the film has been reenacted so well with numerous war vehicles, jeeps and tanks. In addition to this, a professional pyrotechnician will give blood pack squibs, explosions and other FX, to make the war scene real. Thus with a great location, state-of-the-art technology and a highly seasoned crew that has worked earlier for big-budget films and TV projects will create a truly entertaining film for you.

The Castle, a WW2 based Horror feature film

Who are the Actors?

You will be interested to know about who is acting in this film. Here are a few of them.

Lew Temple who is playing Walter is a versatile American film actor known for his performance in several projects including The Walking Dead, Unstoppable, Hollis in the Summer, The Lone Ranger and many more.

Tierza Scaccia who is playing Anna is also a versatile actor from New York trained in three top improv training schools and is known for her acting in numerous film, TV movies, shorts and commercials, and also for her production and hosting of the TV show Outside Explorer.

Plus, The Castle has other talented actors like Mathew Ashford, Jerry Lynch and Shannon Lee who have made the film remarkable.

Extend a helping hand towards the Kickstarter campaign of The Castle and you will get a chance to watch a wonderful film which is a complete horror entertainment package.

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