The Lego Movie – Fascinating Movie for Kids of All Ages (Parents Included)

lego movieOne of my favorite toys brand was and still is the Lego. I like to play it with my kids and, from time to time, you couldn’t tell who enjoys it more! But, when I saw The Lego Movie announcement, I have to admit, I was worried about its outcome. Oh, how wrong was I! This animated movie didn’t undermine the brand’s reputation at all!

The Lego company, apparently, does its best to keep kids (and parents) engaged and entertained. Lively animation of The Lego Movie leaves youngsters breathless, while adult-friendly gags make more mature audience laugh silly! So, much to my surprise, it’s a terrific entertainment for viewers of all ages.

The movie casts Emmet (Chris Pratt), plastic construction worker becoming an accidental hero when President Business (Will Ferrel) tries to destroy world-wide famous non-conformist creativity with some glue and an instruction manual. Emmet, together with Wyldstyle, Batman and many other heroes fights for the free-form invention.

Writer/director tandem, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known for “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”, have obviously fashioned a work of impressive imagination that succeeds in delighting six years old kids, stoners, psychologists and sociologists alike. The world of The Lego Movie is made with attention to every detail, plus it is enormous. According to Michael McNally, Lego’s brand relations director, you could pause this animated movie at any point and build anything shown in the picture!

In the past few years, animators didn’t really convince us they were working with more freedom than “traditional” filmmakers. If you can visualize anything, why did they stick to conventionally pleasing style making us (adults) a bit bored by animated movies. Although I did like some of Pixar movies (Frozen, for example), frankly, they seem to be jammed with too familiar things and plots. I needed something to make me go “wow!” Well, The Lego movie did it! It’s visually breathtaking, original, fast-paced, clever, smart and extremely funny! Undoubtedly, The Lego Movie is the best animated movies I’ve seen in years and, what’s more, it made me to visit Legoland as soon as possible! I highly recommend it!

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