The Timber – A Wonderful Mixture of Drama, Action, Humor, Violence and a Great Story

The Timber movieThe Timber is a slow burn western movie that substitutes story and character over supercharged shoot-’em-up action. Tied with a subdued and worrying tone and led by a fine cast, this offbeat genre piece is enhanced by rich plotting and fine photography.

Two brothers face the seizure of their property by the bank unless they bring in a wanted criminal who is their father; forced with an awkward decision the men set out with a fellow bounty hunter to capture the fugitive. This is an clever western drama that brags some grand moments and a rousing score. Would-be Heart of Darkness in the blinding white of the great unmapped West. Its plot is unduly confused by key scenes being played out of sequence and others have a dreamlike quality that leaves you in wonderment if in fact they were, well, a dream. An uneven whole saved by beautifully awesome location photography.

In the movie Wyatt (James Ransone) and Samuel (Jose Peck) are men battered by life, one is a killer, the other a family man. Therefore, when a slick banker agrees to forego the seizure if the brothers perform the warrant, they have no other choice than to start off into the harsh winter terrain. While on the trail brutal heat wreaks disaster on their stagecoach, and an unexplained mountain man attacks them. There is also the unsettling scene of a cannibal consuming the dead body of a frozen man which alerts them to the dangerous group marauding around in the wilds.

The Timber features an plain simplicity that works in its favor. This is a defiantly old-fashioned, well-crafted nature vs. man themed project. Sadly it just doesn’t seem to have any idea what, exactly, it intends to say, or be. However, it characteristically bounces back with another intriguing sequence to follow. I don’t think this is for all likings, particularly a peculiar flaming at the stake in the finale.

This is another great western movie by Anthony O’Brien. This is definitely one of the better western films. This movie is based on western-adventure story. Steve All rich, Anthony O’Brien written this story very well. The story was interesting. The women beating the men in their lives at their own game. I don’t think it will disappoint either. Unless you hate drama, action, humor, violence, there is no reason to hate this film! Bravo Anthony O’Brien!
The Timber: This is a good western movie but it’s with some drama that will touch your heart. You saw a lot of movies but not like this one.

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