Top 10 Action Films of All Time

"terminator"When we think about entertainment, our mind drifts involuntarily to movies. Movies are versatile. You have one for every mood. However, majority of the male population is inclined towards action movies and why not? Action movies are entertaining, thrilling and keep you on the edge of your seat. No wonder, people claim to “experience” action movies, than merely watching them. Action movies are extremely popular across age groups. With flashy cars and roaring guns, they transport you to another world, where you start imagining yourself a hero. The victory of good over evil is the most interesting and appealing aspect of these movies. Therefore, though these movies are violent, they actually send out a good message. So, check out the films listed below, if you want to see the good human being in action:

1.) Die Hard

With Bruce Willis as a police officer and Alan Rickman as the villain, the film was released in 1988. The plot revolved around Bruce combating multiple criminals, with Alan as their leader. The film was received positively by the public and the critics. It was nominated for the academy awards. The way action sequences are woven in the story, is a sure shot winner for the movie.

2.) Terminator

The terminator was released in 1984 with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing an assassin, who travels back in time to kill Linda Hamilton. The expectation from the movie wasn’t very high. But it reined the box office for straight two weeks, making James Cameron the best director, existing at that point of time. James Cameron later gave us movies like Titanic and Avatar.

3.) Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider

It is considered as Angelina Jolie’s, one of the finest performances till date. Although the direction wasn’t exactly correct, but Jolie’s performance got rave reviews. The movie is the theatrical adaptation of a video game called “Tomb Raider”.

4.) The Matrix

Matrix won four Oscars and was titled as a movie ahead of its time. The action packed sequences were a treat for every adventure lover. Keanu Reeves is the protagonist who plays the part of computer programmer, part of team battling against the machines to save humans. The movie was a hit and had two sequels as well. It reached the masses through comic books and video games.

5.) Iron Man

Iron Man had Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, who creates armor, laced with high end technology after an incident, where he just escaped death. He uses his newly acquired powers for the benefit of humanity. The character of Iron Man is from Marvel Comics. The movie won a lot of critical acclaim as well as the box office success.

6.) Kill Bill

Kill Bill Series stars Uma Thurman and breathtaking action sequences. It was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Uma is referred as “the Bride”, who is adamant to take revenge on her colleagues, as they tried to kill her guests and her at her wedding. The movie was much appreciated for the amalgamation of style and stunts in its screenplay.

7.) X- Men

This movie again is an adaptation of the comic characters. Compared to other movies based on the fantasy genre, X-Men can be touted as the most successful. It is about mutants, who are born with extra ordinary powers by birth. Movie starred prominent actors like Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. The sequels and the pre-sequel to the movie released have been equally successful.

8.) Transformers

It is a struggle between machines. The good machines i.e. Autobods and bad machines i.e. Decepticons. The most entertaining part of the movie is the fighting sequences and the storyline. Optimus prime is the hero. The sequel Dark of the moon was released recently, which garnered a lot of attention and appreciation from the action maniacs..

9.) 300

It is a story of how 300 Spartans and their king, fight the Persian army of more than 1 million soldiers. Although, the movie had lots of fights, but they weren’t technical as the digitization was less. Movie comes across as a realistic chain of events. It also focuses on the patriotic aspect and has an inspirational quality to it.

10.) Sin City

The movie explores the dark side of “Basin City”. The gang wars and the various types of evils lurking in the society are depicted in the movie. The movie contains action shots involving the usage of weapons like guns and pistols. The human duels are not intensive enough. As movie was successful at the box office, the sequel to it will be launched shortly.

Movies give us a whole new world to live. Between Blockbuster, Netflix, Redbox, Cable TV, and all of the other video rental options, you’ll be able to easily watch and enjoy all of these classics.

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