Top 5 Zombie Movies of 2016

dead 7Since as old times as 1930s, zombie films are driving a great number of viewers still, after decades. Humans love to be scared! Scary figures, misty atmosphere, zombie-infested houses, living people feared to death, flesh-eating zombies with bleeding mouths and an overall ambience full of fear, cruelty, stress and horror, sometimes even with a touch of comedy, is loved by viewers to a tremendous extent, ironically! The number of zombie films released in 2016 is a proof to this fact. Here are some five them.

1. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Added with a comical dash, Prided and Prejudice and Zombies directed by Burr Steers is an Anglo-American film based on the 2009 novel by Grahame-Smith of the same name, which in turn is a parody of Jane Austen’s famous 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice. It’s a story of four sisters in the 19th century England, who are trained to fight against zombies. Their mother wants them to marry rich suitors. Zombies enter the picture by attacking a ball thrown by a rich family. The four sisters fight them off and the story continues with love affairs and breakups, along the lines of the original story with a parodical touch.

pride and prejudice and zombies

2. Zoombies

Directed by Glenn R. Miller, Zoombies is a sci-fi zombie film with a setting of a to-be-opened zoo for endangered animals, where a few employees of the zoo and some visitors encounter a mysterious virus which converts animals into aggressive meat-greedy zombies. The zoo is inherited by Dr. Ellen Rogers (played by Kim Nielsen) from her grandfather. At the start of the film, Dr. Rogers announces in a TV commercial that the zoo will soon open. The excitement continues with animals getting infected with a mysterious disease, which later turns out to be a virus turning animals into zombies. Those who love animals as well as zombies will get a double dose of amusement with Zoombies.


3. Summer Camp

Directed by Alberto Marini, Summer Camp is a story of four young friends who take up the job of counselors at a far-off Spanish camp; but their dream of enjoying at the camp is ruined when one of them turns into a zombie and starts attacking others. The zombie outbreak spreads quickly even before they know what’s happening and now they should turn on each other for surviving the night.

summer camp

4. Dead 7

Earlier named Dead West, Dead 7 is the story of post-apocalyptic world, a film directed by Danny Roew. A unique feature of this film is that it’s written by an American singer, Nick Carter, famous for being a member of the Backstreet Boys. Carter has also managed to get several boy band members in this film, two of whom are from his own too. And of course, he too has acted in this film as Jack.

dead 7

5. Pandemic

Another sci-fi of 2016, Pandemic is directed by John Suits and is a story of a doctor, Lauren Chase (played by Rachel Nichols) working to find survivors of a global pandemic with her team consisting of Denise, Gunner and Wheeler. In their travel, they meet the survivors who are all dead and the team has to try to save themselves from the infected ones who attack them. The scenes of encounter with the zombies are deadly. The first person POV of the film, like that of a FPS video game is novel and therefore attractive.


If you are a zombie-lover, you have much to enjoy in 2016. Go, watch these zombie films to get scared and have fun!

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