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the liberation of europeThere are many great War documentaries available to watch free online. The good thing about being able to watch these documentaries free means there are no late fees, and you can watch shows when you want 24/7. There are some brilliant War documentaries available to watch – perfect for the lover of history, brought to life in glorious black and white featuring huge amounts of actual war time footage. History comes to life thanks to the Liberation Of Europe series of TV documentaries – here are just a few….

The Liberation Of Europe – Air War Europe

In the beginning the Nazis ruled the skies; this meant that allied bombers were easy prey for the battled-hardened Germans who were flying over occupied Europe. When the allies brought along some little fighter plane escorts for the B-17’s and B-24’s the tide changed. Fighter plans could now not only get deep into Europe they were able to get all the way to Berlin. Air War Europe is a collection of rather confronting programmes that chronicle the air war over Europe during World War Two. The documentary also includes an opening montage of controversial and rare photographs that show the terrible losses to American bombers, followed by official war-era documentaries that were produced at the time. These explain how daring missions reclaimed the skies over Germany, watch how the air war unfolded over the skies of occupied Europe thanks to these programmes presented completely unedited.

The Liberation of Europe – Air War Europe runs for 60 minutes

The Liberation of Europe – Victory

This documentary looks at the end of World War Two and the surrender of Nazi Germany. It shows the Germans surrendering in both the Pacific and Atlantic theatres of war. The concentration camps are exposed, along with the anger, pain and suffering of the prisoners emaciated from their time in captivity.

The Liberation of Europe – Victory – runs for 60 minutes

The Liberation of Europe – The Push To Berlin

In this documentary we watch as the allied armies push towards Berlin in 1945, using Higgins Boats from the US Navy they capture a bridge at Remagen which allows the allied armies to cross the river Rhine to join up with the paratroopers who have been dropped onto the eastern banks of the river which would become one of the largest airborne assaults during the war. This documentary as with all in the series not only shows the war exactly like it was it also gives viewers a sense of the time and the place.

The Liberation of Europe – The Push To Berlin runs for 70 minutes

If you love history you will enjoy the whole series of *The Liberation Of Europe* documentaries which is available on Viewlorium documentary section.

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