Independant Short Sci-Fi Movie “Zedic and the Crimson Born”

Do you love Sci-Fi movies? Intriguing and thrilling, “Zedic and the Crimson Born” is a new independent short movie. Executive producer Dan-O (Dan O’Connor, Danobuzz) and Australian scientist and screenwriter Karen Buckton teamed up in order to make this interesting tale. In general, this is the old story of the eternal fight of good versus evil with Sci-fi elements. The short run time of 7 min 19 sec was enough for the creators to establish a nice and promising story. My over-all impression is that it could be an inspiration for much larger, big screen story.

When it comes to acting, the crew has the potential, but it seems like they did not do their job best. So, the acting part is perhaps the point that should be done better. However, it is not so bad and it does not ruin a good impression the movie makes. In fact, the actors are quite attractive. Surely, this is a movie worth watching, even if you are not a Sci-Fi fan. The story of aliens as guardian angels helping humans to make the Earth a better place has with the criticism of the society and the bad things people do to each other. You can watch this short movie for just $.99 Inspired by ancient alien theories but filmed to depict the modern era.





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