How to Download Music Legally

downloadHave you tried to find free songs to legally download from internet? If so, you know how difficult it can be. But, we will try to present you the ways to get your favorite music while staying legal.

Legal & free music download websites – For people who like to download music and songs from sites instead of using file sharing, there are many online places offering this type of service. Sometimes artists themselves upload their work because they are looking for the ways to share their music and expand their fan base. If you prefer this way of getting your music, it might be wise to have a download manager too. *For example, check out this website:

File sharing networks – Although most of these networks provide links to copyrighted material, it is still possible to use file sharing and to stay on the right side of law.

Extraction from video files – There are many ways to extract audio from video. You can use create MP3 files from YouTube videos by using online audio extraction tools or a software to do the same thing. If you have videos stored on your hard disc, you can extract audio from these video clips by using an appropriate software program.

Software recording streaming music – It is possible to record the sound card output if you visit a website that streams media and use the right software. No matter if it’s a music video or a streaming music service, there is a way to capture the audio and encode it to various audio formats.

Internet radio – Internet radio stations have become increasingly popular these days because they provide 24/7 entertainment. If you use the right software, you are able to record online radio broadcast in order to build up your own collection of favorite digital music.

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