Tamaskin – Young Musician You Should Look Out For

Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs comes from Charleston, South Carolina and since his youngest days, he was inspired by music and arts in general. In his recently released EP “Undefeated”, Tamaskin combines various genres, emotions and experience to deliver a unique and refreshing sound. As far as we’re concerned, this young musician has the passion and talent one needs to become a successful artist.

Have you heard about Tamaskan Wolves? Although actually dogs, these beautiful creatures look pretty much like wolves, but they are also incredibly intelligent and musically inclined. Since his childhood, Jeremy Hobbs has got a nickname Tamaskin after this breed, because of his talent, cleverness and uniqueness. Nowadays, he still feels connection to Tamaskans, especially in a way that, just like those animals, Jeremy also needs his “pack” (group members) to “survive” as an artist and to create inspiring music. It’s worth mentioning that this young man adores animals in general, which is one of the reasons why his diet is a plant-based one.

Tamaskin explores life by educating himself, enjoying A-list Hollywood parties, travelling and simply being surrounded by creative and talented individuals. His diverse life experiences give him an insight into society, cultural differences and, finally, human soul, hopes and dreams. That’s why his songs on EP “Undefeated” cover various topics, themes and motives. What is Tamaskin’s genre? It’s hard to say, since he uses rock, rap, pop or whatever genre he feels is appropriate when it comes to delivering the right emotion, vibe and creation. Gone are the days when musicians needed to stick to only one genre to reach and keep their audience. Tamaskin’s fans expect his songs to be of high-quality, moving and honest. According to his social media popularity, Jeremy’s audience is more than satisfied!

“What’s the Danger?” is Tamaskin’s new single talking about standing up to any fear one has, conquering them and leaving up to one’s dreams by all means. Hopefully, this young artist will remain fearless enough to continue his music career and fulfill his childhood dreams, for example to work with Quincy Jones.

Check out Tamaskin’s instagram profile for more information on upcoming gigs, projects and music.

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