Top 3 Tips to Design Your CD Cover

HotPrintUSAFor no reason as such, most musicians are seen to leave the album artwork to complete only at the last minute. Actually, if you are one of such musicians, you should start planning your artwork while recording your music. Irrespective of whether you make your own design or get it created from another artist, you should remember that your CD cover should be attractive enough to attract buyers, regardless of if you are selling the CD on your own at a gig or in a record store. Remember that just like the process of recording, the designing and printing the artwork takes quite longer than you can imagine. So, you better plan ahead.

1. Think Before Including Lyrics

You may be tempted to include the lyrics of each of your songs; however, you should first check whether there is enough space for that. If the CD has 10-12 songs and the cover is small, where will you print other information than the lyrics, like copyright info, album credits and thanks to crowdfunding? And if you manage to include all that, you’ll have to choose a very tiny font and then who can read such tiny letters? Lyrics are great if anyone can read them. So, unless you are having a giant foldout or 6-page booklet insert, don’t include the lyrics. You can post the lyrics on your website instead and print the website’s URL on the CD cover.

2. Include Faces

Professionals, who see countless submissions of new albums every day and month, observe that CD covers with human faces on them grab more attention. This may be because of the sense of a personal connection, which may be evoked through someone’s smile or eyes, or just the memory of the artists’ musical style, fashion or anything else. So, if possible, include yours and your artists’ faces in the hot prints of your cover design.

3. Imagine Your CD Cover as a Thumbnail Version

Most people will see your CD online on online musical platforms like Amazon, iTunes, etc, and there they will see it often in the form of a thumbnail photo. Before you finalize the design of the album cover, shrink it and check if it is that attention-grabbing. If it is, you have won; if not, try another approach for designing your CD cover.

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