Wondershare TunesGo – A Wonderful New Music Downloader

TunesGo music transferAre you passionate about music and miss it when you are not at home, where your favorite music files are stored in your desktop computer? Are you finding a tool which can help you get those music files to your phone or tablet from your home computer or any other device? Well, I have good news for you! Finally, the tool you were waiting for is here! It’s the Music Downloader – Wondershare TunesGo! With this wonderful tool, you can transfer your music files from any device to any device.

Can you understand the meaning of this? You can find, download and enjoy your favorite music literally anywhere from anywhere with TunesGo! TunesGo is absolutely compatible with iOS 9 and iTunes 12.2. If you don’t believe it, try it for free and if you come to know that you can actually enjoy any of your favorite music, you can choose to buy it too.

From which Devices Music can be Transferred?

You can transfer music from any device like playlists, TV shows, iTunes U, podcasts, movies and more. And don’t worry about if the file format will be supported by the device or not. TunesGo converts the format automatically to be supported by the device on which you transfer the music files. So, with TunesGo, compatibility is never a problem.

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How does TunesGo Help You Get Your Favorite Music?

TunesGo helps you get your favorite music by building perfect playlists so that you can listen or download music for your any mood or occasion.

TunesGo also helps you organize your entire music library by automatically analyzing and cleaning up the library with just a single click. Plus, you can manually tag your music, delete duplicates, change cover picture, and also remove broken/missing tracks. This makes your library perfect.

TunesGo can also copy your iTunes Library to any, means any computer. So, now you need not worry anymore about losing your precious songs, when you upgrade iTunes.

TunesGo also finds out which tracks need a repair by scanning your library.

TunesGo is available on both – Android and iOS!

Here are the main features of TunesGo:

  • You can download music & playlists from TunesGo directly through Discover module
  • You can download music from YouTube and Spotify through Download module
  • You can record music from streaming Sites through Record module
  • You can organize your entire music library, like fix id3 tags, remove broken tracks…
  • You can transfer music from iTunes to iOS/Android device

So, what are you waiting for? Download TunesGo now and start enjoying your beloved songs, while lying down on the bed, swinging in the garden, strolling on the beach or anywhere!

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