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"india-television"Access to Indian channels

Did you know that nowadays you can access television live from India on your computer? Whether you live in India, are on the road, or have relocated outside of India, you now watch Indian news, sports, movies, music, drama, action, and comedy online 24/7. In fact, there are Internet TVs, such as WatchIndia.TV, that offer over dozens of channels packed with highly rated programs every day of the year. Even better, all the programs are recorded and made available to viewers on VOD for two weeks. This means that even if you miss the original broadcast of one of your favorite shows, you still have 14 days to watch it on your computer.

What Indian TV programs offer

One of the greatest features of television from India is the eclectic mix of programming offered, as well as the array of regional channels in over eight languages which cater to audiences across the country’s 28 states. To help you get a better feel of what Indian television has to offer these days, here is a brief overview of some of today’s most popular channels on WatchIndia.TV.

  • ETV Kannada:  The state of Karnataka boasts a population of 40 million, hence there are scores of viewers clamoring for ETV Kannada, a leading Indian family entertainment channel which features programming in the Kannada language.
  •  Zee Tamil, Zee Telugu, and Zee Punjabi: Especially popular in the Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi-speaking regions of India, these TV channels celebrate the culture and soul of the people.
  •  Zee Bangla: A clear favorite among Indian and Bangladeshi Bengalis, this channel showcases the best local talent in the performing arts.
  •  ETV Marathi: Maharashtra boasts the second largest population next to Uttar Pradesh, hence millions of Marathi speakers tune in daily to this popular channel for news, business, reality shows, dramatic and action series, comedy, and lifestyle programs.
  •  Zoom TV: Showcasing Indian cinema is the focus of this channel; however it also offers cooking, shopping, and travel programs.
  • NDTV Profit: This premier business channel is a dream come true for those who need their daily fix of business news; perfect for checking out the latest happenings on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and much more.
  • NDTV 24×7: If you’re worried that you won’t find programming in English on Indian TV, think again! This New Delhi Television (NDTV) news and current affairs television channel is the number one pick among India’s large English-speaking population, with a reputation of excellence for its unbiased, in-depth news coverage and other programming.
  • UTV Bindass: This channel’s youth-centered programming is a hit amongst adolescents and young adults, with viewer numbers and ratings constantly climbing; Cricket fans will especially enjoy Cricket Champs, a new show which scours the country for exceptional rookie talent in a sport which has become a national pastime in India.
  • Zee Classic: If you’re nostalgic for days gone by, tune into this popular channel for Indian movies, music, and actors from the Golden Era.
  • Zee Cinema: Since India is the world’s number one producer of films, it makes sense that there would be a channel devoted to airing 100% Bollywood movies.
  • Zee News: This round-the-clock Indian news channel is renowned for its reliable investigative journalism and also offers business and financial news, health updates, sports highlights, late-breaking crime stories, and the latest from the world of entertainment.

Whether you’re in the mood for the news, sports, movies, drama, action, comedy, reality television or game shows, Zee TV from India has it all and more.

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