Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Preview – Actress Sarah Drew on April’s New Enlightenment

april and jacksonApril in the last season of Grey’s Anatomy was a heartbroken mother who, with her husband Jackson, saying a tearful farewell to son Samuel, an unfortunate child born with a fatal disease, osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones and defective connective tissue since birth).

After that episode, April disappeared from the screen for a couple of weeks, because actress Sarah Drew, playing the character, herself went into labor in real life, that too just 10 hours following the shooting of the episode in which she gives birth to Samuel! During this time, Jackson, who is portrayed by Jesse Williams, shares with their colleagues what he and April have been going through. However, episode of this Thursday which is otherwise Amelia-specific, April comes back, allowing some firsthand information about their swiftly tested budding marriage.

The character of April seems to have some sort of peace according to Drew. The actress says that she (April) believes that God is with her in helping her to get peace, simultaneously while going through an unbearable pain. Drew says she loves portraying the story of finding hope and peace while suffering such a pain and tragedy.

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy and April should get ready to see a changed April as she adopts a surprising, enlightened approach towards life, its value and the decisions that come by.

Moving further, we can also see her more determined side, as she doesn’t worry about things that don’t matter any longer, previews Drew. She has been turned back from Hell and in a scene in a future episode with a patient who does something bad to himself, but she has neither any patience for him nor any compassion. So, we are going to see that side of April’s personality coming out, which may be quite shocking for people who know her, as this is a dramatic departure from her previous portrayal of April as a by the book, competitive and neurotic doctor.

Husband Jackson has been shown to have been staggered by the strange personality swing of his wife. Drew expresses a hope that their marriage will turn to become strong in the end. Drew loves this thing too that they are one entity together throughout this entire thing, and now only thing they require is to remain bound to each other for life and undergo healing together. They have gone through something that would shake the foundation of a strong marriage much less a new one like theirs. So the fans of the show just have to wait and watch if this couple will crumble or come out stronger from this experience.

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