Romeo and Juliette – an Urban Romance Series

Romeo and Juliette - an Urban Romance SeriesIf you are someone who enjoys romance series then you will definitely love the Romeo and Juliet Urban Romance series. In this series, you will go through a love story shared by two people where their eyes meet and love is born. The people in this love story have social and economic differences, even then they stick together to overcome the limitations that come in their way.

It is a series which consists of a path that the two love birds follow, in this path they face many hurdles, betrayals and yet they still stick together. However, for Romeo and Juliette their story is not just saying “I LOVE YOU”, Romeo has to put in a lot of effort to stay with Juliette after finding out the real face of Juliette’s father.

Coming from opposite sides of the tracks is not easy … But blending the two worlds…It goes beyond impossible!

The reason behind creating these series is that there is huge decline in urban romance and respect, it can be witnessed in the music and film industry that the relationships, respect and romance is being destroyed which directly or indirectly impacts how we connect with our loved ones in our lives. In order to have healthy and lovely relationships in the family and friends, it is necessary that we must show respect and love in a beautiful manner so that people can actually connect with it in real life too.

The creator of the series Phoenix More explains that the way people talk and share things in the film industry is not as respectable and loveable. In relationships, cuss words are very common, there is a lack of commitment, betrayal and cheating is very common too. So, to change the current perspectives, the creator of the series, is trying to rebirth the language of love so that people can adopt it in real life too.

Romeo and Juliette series

Benefits of Romeo and Juliette are as follow:

a) Supporting the predominantly African American cast and crew

Even in the current times, some racial discrimination can be witnessed. In these series, the creator is supporting the African Americans which is an amazing thing. It brings peace and harmony among all races.

b) Urban love

The creator is trying to portray the urban love with respect and the true language of love. What people see, they relate to it, and connect to it, so people in real life will try to follow the new perspective that the writer is bringing.

c) Listen to new music

This series has great music which you can listen and enjoy.

d) New concept

People like innovative and new concepts, unlike the same old cheating and betrayal the creator is trying to portray a new concept which is the urban love so you will get to see something new and heartwarming.

Romeo and Juliette

In order to make this series a success, the creator needs your help. Your support is needed in the form of funds so that the quality of the production can be increased, with the increased quality of production, the series will be able to target a larger audience instead of just a few. The purpose of this project is very meaningful, it is the rebirth of respect, love, emotion and the language of love. So, all the people who are lacking trust, commitment and respect need to see it so that they can bring a notable difference in their life and the life of their partners. The creator and his team are putting in all their effort to come up with something which is high in quality however, it will be much better with your support and funding. Try to support as much as you can to witness one of the most beautiful series, that will make you want to express love in the most beautiful and respectable manner.

With your funds, the team will be able to create the pilot episodes which will be used for marketing and then they will be used for the raising of more capital. More and more episodes will be created after having funds. A total of 3 seasons will be created, each season will consist of 12 episodes. You will definitely love each and every single episode so make sure that you fund as much as you can.

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