Sherlock Series 3 – A Lot for Sherlock Fans

sherlock series 3Sherlock Series 3, Episode 2 ‘The Sign of Three’ which aired on Sunday, Jan 5 on BBC UK marked a dramatic change from the series’ usual dark tone. By agreeing to be the best man at John and Mary’s wedding Sherlock gives way to a comedic relief for the shows devoted fans and also prevents a murder and solves two unsolved cases in the process.

It’s fun to see Sherlock make his way through what he would consider an awkward social situation like giving the best man’s speech. A special mention to the writers of the show Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Steve Thompson for writing a poignant best man’s speech for Benedict Cumberbatch and flawlessly incorporating today’s British social dramas in a classic tale. As Martin Freeman who plays Watson has mentioned earlier that he is not playing Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s Watson but the modern Watson imagined by the show’s writers and this episode gives the viewers a chance to see how these modern characters deal with modern realistic situations. But all the social drama does not prevent the episode from having a good old-fashioned attempted murder to keep the audience on the edge.

Watson marrying Mary Morstan and going the family way is bound to put a certain amount of pressure on the Sherlock – Watson chemistry. As mentioned by actress Amanda Abbington who plays Mary Morstan that ‘they really bounce off each other’ as she becomes the third wheel to Sherlock and Watson. Fans of the show might not take a liking to her because of this but, it is said that her character does have some dark secrets. But the episode ends on a slightly serious tone with Sherlock realising that his world will never be the same when it is revealed that Watson is going to be a father.

But fans of the show in US might have to wait for some more time for the season premiere of the show as PBS starts airing it on 19th January, 2014. Till that date they might want to refrain themselves from reading about the latest season if they don’t want any spoilers.

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