5 Reasons why The Voice is Better than American Idol

The music competition landscape has been dominated by one element for nearly a decade. American Idol has always been at the top of the ratings, and it continues to be a cultural juggernaut. But sometime last year, a little show came out of nowhere to steal some of the spotlight. The Voice started with low expectations, but it eventually gained enough momentum to become a serious contender. Nowadays, it’s a lot cooler to be a fan of The Voice then it is to be an American Idol diehard. It’s the show that has the finger on the pulse of the nation, and it has a brighter future than its aging counterpart. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why The Voice is a better show than American Idol.

Quality Auditions – we’re all familiar with the initial rounds of American Idol, and they’re still fun to watch. But at the same time, the excitement associated with seeing “freaks and weirdos” in the auditions has worn out. The circus like “freak show” karaoke atmosphere that surrounds the first rounds is no longer a major attraction, especially without Simon Cowell. With The Voice, there is no embarrassing audition round. It starts off with talented singers and the audiences captivated because they want everyone to go through. It’s a different dynamic that highlights talent rather than serving to embarrass people who can’t sing.

Better Talent – not everyone can openly audition for The Voice. You have to be invited, and you have to have talent. As mentioned above, they’re not looking for bad singers to embarrass during the auditions. Every contestant has had some experience in the music industry, and all of them can belt out a tune. When you start off with the better talent pool, it’s a lot easier to pick a worthy winner.

The Chairs – most critics thought the setup of The Voice was gimmicky when the show began. But that’s before they actually knew how things worked. While it seemed like the stage was a glorified karaoke bar at first, the turning chairs during the auditions is one of the most compelling parts of the show. And it’s not as corny as critics thought it would be – in fact, it creates real exciting moments that get the audience invested in the show.

The Judges – The Voice really lucked out with a great combination of judges, each with their own different background. Some of them were bigger stars coming in, but now they’re all household names known for being solid judges. It’s nice to have different judges you can root for, and none of them are bland. The same can’t be said for American Idol. The judges on that aging show just seem to be trying too hard, and they don’t have any natural chemistry. Watching their banter is passable entertainment, but it’s not as captivating as seeing the judges on The Voice interact.

The Vibe – in order to become a singing star, you need intangible qualities in addition to talent. The same theory holds true for music competition shows. It takes a variety of factors that come together at the right time, and capture a special type of magic. The Voice has that special vibe, and it’s simply the cooler show to watch. While it might not get ratings like Idol, it might only be a matter of time before it catches up. There is definitely a lot more buzz with the Voice and young singers are no longer just looking to American Idol to make their singing dreams come true.

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