Hummingbird – A Must-watch Show to Get Alert and Save Our Precious Nation

Hummingbird TV showWhat is the one common term which has been headlining all over the world in news stories for the past few years? ISIS. This stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Most of the terror attacks and bombings carried out all over the world are carried out by this violent jihadi organization. Be it the attacks in Paris or Berlin or the recent ones in San Bernardino. Since its inception in 2004, in Iraq, the terrorist group has only one motto and that is to form a caliphate to rule the world. Men and women from all over the globe are being recruited by the organization everyday, often online, through social media. These recruits come from different kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds and from different nationalities. But our national growing concern is the number of Americans who have joined the organization. Studies and reports have shown that hundreds of American men and mostly women have joined ISIS in the past few years. And many have been tasked to carry out attacks on American soil.

Hummingbird - true events of missing kids

Why is the American Youth Joining the Terrorist Organization?


So why do the western men and women feel the need to join this terrorist movement? The disturbing data and studies have found out the primary reason Americans are joining the organization is to find one’s identity. Some of them join for the economic gains and social status. Some of them join because of matching ideologies with the Islamic States, generally, a propaganda spread by the organization to lure Western recruits. But most of them join because they feel oppressed in their own country and want to take action against it. The horrifying truth is that more than 250 Americans have already left their country to join the radical jihadist group. The impact and effect of this movement must be curbed with immediate effect. But the majority of the regular working class from this country is still unaware of most of these developments since the news channels rarely cover these stories in their true nature.Grace and Yohan


Hummingbird – An Original TV Show Based on Real Incidents


So when a TV show decides to dig in and tell the actual stories of how people like you and me, out of nowhere, end up becoming members of one of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world… we want to hear about it. And that is precisely the promise made by the new TV series Hummingbird.

Right from the bat, the first episode opens with the sudden disappearance of Amy Anderson, a young beautiful, catholic, all American blonde you’d never suspect from having any reason to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. And yet… everything points in the direction that it was actually a conscious and planned decision. So we’re all left wondering, why? And that’s why we want to see the show, to delve into the minds of these young folks and try to understand what could have possibly gone wrong inside their heads.

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson


Hummingbird – A Psychological Thriller


You’ve probably guessed it, Hummingbird is a psychological thriller. But it is also filled with suspense,action, and adventure as we follow the dangerous path of these fascinating and complex people. We get to navigate in a world of uncertainties scattered with shocking turnarounds and unpredictable characters who seem to have a life of their own. The end of the first episode will leave you hooked and bewildered. Eager to know more. And that’s all we ask from a TV show.

Hummingbird - Jamie and Faustine


Deep Characters


The twists and turns carefully orchestrated by the writers will certainly keep you captivated at all times, but the real asset here are the characters. After all, they are the first reason we came here for, to see what was inside of their complex minds. And the creators deliver on their promise by bringing to life characters who have all intricate stories to tell, yet subtle enough to actually feel reel. Sam, our protagonist is a French blogger, who has deep commitment issues, but ends up married to an American Muslim cop. She struggles with her past, her relationship and her fierce determination in finding out what happened to Amy Anderson. She’s reckless, poor and clumsy but always got this large enthusiastic smile and upbeat energy that shields her from all the adversity in her life. Her husband, Zahir, is a proud American cop who happens to be Muslim. His life was square and settled when Sam came in like a storm in his life, bringing so much anxiety and instability. But he loves her deeply and seeing that mix of passion and frustration in his eyes all at the same time is priceless.

Sam and Zahir

Sam and Zahir


On the other end of the spectrum, we have Kyle, who hasn’t met Sam yet. But we can tell their paths are meant to cross. He is a hard working Cuban immigrant, who’s working without papers in a low end advertising agency. Him and Sienna, his cute and witty red head co-worker, are stuck selling products to people who don’t even need them, and it’s obviously weighing on their conscience. Kyle is so obsessed in trying to make ends meet, he completely ignores the fact that he started coughing blood recently and barely notices the signs of his sister Mattie following a similar path to Amy Anderson. It is through him that we are going to feel the actual loss of someone to this organization.

Kyle and Mattie

Kyle and Mattie

As you can see in the trailer, the glimpses of tension and gripping dialogues amongst the characters as well as the cinematography are eye catching. The editing is crisp and some of the scenes have been shot on actual locations. The background and the diverse cast creates the ideal atmosphere for the show.

A Voice to Each Ethnicity


In a way, Hummingbird puts forward the message that the fight against the evils which is threatening the country can only be won if we are united in the cause. Despite all the differences in cultures and backgrounds we are all concerned and we all have to fight together.

The show really offers a fresh perspective on the matter, and the fact that it is inspired by true events is truly eye opening in many aspects.

Through Zahir for example, we are going to witness the devastating effects of misconception. When people start pointing fingers at him, just because he is Muslim we are going to realize that this is actually exactly what ISIS wants. To divide and rule. By falling into this trap,people pointing fingers to innocent Muslims are actually giving the terrorist organization a planned victory.

Staggering Facts


The United Nations Security Council estimated in May 2015, that over 25,000 foreign fighters from over 100 countries have joined ISIS and other jihadist organizations in Syria. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence estimated in June 2015, that more than 250 people from the U.S. had reached or tried to reach the conflict area. In October 2015, James Comey, the then FBI director, disclosed that the FBI had a shocking 900 active inquiries against home-based violent terrorists.

Hummingbird - Dina and Cazzey

These numbers and incidents are certainly disturbing. But as the geographical boundaries of ISIS are diminishing in the Middle East what is most scary is that the organization is spreading its roots in the rest of the world by luring the youth of all countries including this nation into performing terrorist attacks on their own soil, right under our noses. They want to create chaos in our nations by using our own children against us. The fight against them has become the one America can’t afford to lose. We have to brace ourselves and understand how the organization works before it’s too late for our country and its future.

Mattie and her friends

Mattie and her friends


This is where the TV show, Hummingbird, becomes more than ever a must watch, not just because of the high dose of thrill and suspense it has to offer, but also because of the precious insights we get to take from it.


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