Of Hearts and Stars by Edward Dean West

of heart and starsIf you are a fantasy lover, here is one book you should definitely read: “Of Heart and Stars“, written by Edward Dean West.

The story is set in the futuristic year of 20xx. The war is present in the whole galaxy: two brothers are fighting for the throne. The reader embarks on the 1st steps of an adventurous and exciting journey with Leoric Swift.

Everybody’s life will change in his war. Leoric Swift is not an exception. Once the Rebel Fiction starts bombing Swift’s hometown, a series of events led him to attend Arbalest Solar Academy, the academy that presents the home of some of the brightest minds in the entire galaxy. When your past shows up to haunt you and the future seems even more dangerous, you have to put your hands up and throw a few punches. This is exactly what Leoric Swift does setting out to end this civil war in galaxy and to become a savior. Obviously, it’s one reckless and ridiculous mission.

After all those vampire and zombie books attacking us at every corner, it’s a nice refreshment to read something different. Of Hearts and Stars is therefore a nice change for sci-fi lovers, even though it’s not an average book. Edward Dean West has created a magical, unique futuristic world, there is a lot of action and you can really connect to the characters, because they are really likeable and developed.

The summertime is great for reading and Of Hearts and Stars is a nice literature for a relaxing day at the beach or by the pool. If you like futuristic hero novels, this is the book we definitely recommend.


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