Reactions of Celebrities to the 2012 Oscar Nominations

"Oscars"Announcement of nominees for the 84th Annual Academy Awards has been made today early morning. This is really a big deal for Hollywood starts. The Academy Awards in entertainment is almost equivalent to the Super Bowl. You have hit the big time, if you make it there and you will be considered a serious actor after that. Let’s see how all the celebrities are reacting to this most awaited and interesting news.

Jason Segel on Twitter: Holy Moly! Muppet or Man was nominated for the best song category in Oscar, congratulations to Bret McKenzie and the entire team. So happy for all!

Jonah Hill on Twitter: He got nominated for the Best supporting actor in Moneyball, he said wow, what an incredible day so far.

Albert Brooks on Twitter: Many people say that he was boycotted for his role in the fiml “Drive”, he said “you don’t like me Academy Awards”.

Joel McHale: “Congratulations Jim Rash who received nomination for Writing Adapted screenplay for the movie “The Descendants”.

Octavia Spencer: She is nominated for Best supporting actress for the movie “The Help”, she said, “I am very much overwhelmed at present. I can’t even express to you. I just can’t believe we just saw this”.

Meryl Streep (received nomination for Best actress in The Iron Lady, “I am so honored to be with such wonderful artists, and deeply touched by my co-stars for their generosity in offering me this appreciation”.

Michael Hanazavicius (received nomination for best director for “The Artist”: “we created this movie with passion and with our hearts and we never imagined it was possible to go so far with an Oscar nomination and it is really not expected”.

Melissa McCarthy: after being nominated for best supporting actress in Bridesmaids, “when they said I was nominated I was like “what show is this? This must be something else, I kept repeating that to myself but when my photo came up I just collapsed and my husband said, “you got nominated for Oscars”.

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