Many Reasons Why You Should Book a Cinema Theater to Throw an Unforgettable Party

things to do with kidsMovies are something which everyone including children and adults adore. And watching movies in a theater has its own charm. The atmosphere of the theater is magical enough to add to the fun of watching the movie & here’s where booking an entire cinema theater for your child’s birthday party or just a movie hangout steps in!

What? Booking an entire cinema theater? Yes, you read that right This innovative idea can be the topmost among the things to do with kids and an easy way to become a hero in your child’s eyes.

How does it Work?

Actually, throwing your child’s birthday party or movie hangout in a movie theater is a quite straightforward idea and takes out all the stressful part of party planning and makes things fun for you and your child. This is because, not at a very big cost, the theater does most of your work. Most theaters offer a range of birthday party packages that include private screening of your child’s favorite cinema for your their selected guests, and screening of your private video on the big screen, special party room with tables, snacks, decorations and other goodies before the cinema begins.

You can choose your convenient venue, then you can choose your favorite movie from their collection of cinemas, choose the number of guests, choose your food and drinks, create your own video that will be played on the big screen before the movie begins, and that’s it! You, your child and their guests can then sit back and enjoy the movie. This is a great way to make your child feel proud among their friends and of you too.

proud kid

Great Way to Kill Boredom

The pandemic created extreme boredom in all of us. But children are affected the most. Adults can convince themselves about remaining confined in homes. But children just can’t understand why they can’t go out, play, meet friends, and do other fun things they did before a couple of years. They can’t even go to school which they desperately desire now although they didn’t like it much when the situation was normal. They miss their school, schoolmates, teachers, classrooms and playing together on the school ground.

In such a condition, privately booking an entire theater for them and their friends can be an excellent remedy on the boredom, depression and sadness the pandemic has brought.

View Latest Releases

Some companies that offer private cinema parties have a huge collection of movies that your child and their friends might love. Plus, they also offer the latest releases. Thus, your child and their friends can get a chance to watch the newest movies before anyone else. Since children find it highly exciting to watch movies before anyone else can watch them, this is another benefit of throwing their birthday party in a cinema theater.

Enjoying with Friends

On all other occasions, your children might watch movies with you. So far, watching movies as a family was considered among essential things to do with kids. By throwing their party by booking the entire cinema theater consists of a great fun element of watching movies with their friends, so that they can talk with them which they can’t talk with you, laugh together, share food and drinks with each other, and find the entire experience amazing!

No Stress for You

As mentioned earlier, once you book the theater, and pay money to choose your desired movie, food and drinks, your responsibility of party planning ends. Everything else is arranged by the theater. You can just relax and enjoy with children. This is perhaps the only party type which exerts no stress on the host of planning the party and arranging the party supplies. And also, it guarantees the success because the kids are going to love it.

Screening of Your Privet Video

Hardly anyone can shoot a private video for the birthday girl or boy and screen it for them and the guests when the birthday party is thrown in one’s home. It’s not very impossible but it needs a screen and a projector and its operator. But when you book a theater for your child’s birthday party, their party package essentially contains screening of your private video for your kid before screening of the movie. Watching it on a big screen is amazing and makes your child feel like the star of the day.

Suitable to Any Occasion

You need not wait for your kid’s birthday to book a cinema privately. It’s suitable to a number of occasions like graduation, anniversaries, nights out or just when you’re in a mood to enjoy movies privately but on a theater’s big screen. It’s an excellent way to spend quality time with your family.

No Inhibitions

When you book the entire theater for your family or yours or your child’s friends, there are no inhibitions since the entire theater is yours. You don’t have to speak or laugh in a low voice. You are free to pass comments on the cinema or anything else in a loud voice to a friend or family member sitting a few seats away from you. You can also walk between the rows to share foods or drinks with them or just if you feel like sitting near them. This is more informal and thus cosy, and of course, improves your experience. All in all, you can experience cinema like never before

The Choice is All Yours

One of the best things about booking an entire cinema theater is that you get a chance to choose everything of yours or your guests’ choice. You can discuss with them about which movie they would like to watch, which snacks and drinks they would like to have and so on. You and your guests can sit anywhere they like. Thus, everything is of your choice.


You may be amazed to learn about the cost of your private cinema party. It’s quite pocket-friendly and you won’t have to break the bank. Considering the perks it offers, you get the best value for money.

Watching cinema is not a surprise for your child. But watching it in a theater which is booked entirely for them and their friends is certainly a pleasant surprise. Include it in your list of essential things to do with kids and give them this wonderful experience and unforgettable birthday celebration!

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