NEIL NAYYARSACRAMENTO, CA – SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 — 13-year-old Neil Nayyar is well on his way to becoming music’s next child prodigy. This young genius is currently playing 107 musical instruments and is wowing crowds with his variety of world music stylings. Nayyar’s ability to absorb the musical styles around him, master them and transform them into his own have some musical critics wondering if he will go down in history with the likes of other musical child prodigies such as Alma Deutscher or even Mozart and Mendelssohn.

Born in 2005, Neil is the only person in his family with any level of musical talent. His parents recognized his natural abilities when he began playing a drum set at only five years of age. Neil quickly moved on from the drums to mastering both the piano and the guitar. Soon after this accomplishment, the young musician was then inspired by a story about a gentleman who was deemed a “multi-instrumentalist” because of his ability to play twenty-three instruments. Inspiration lead to action and Neil was recently honored with the Assist Foundation’s World Record for his ability to play 107 musical instruments.

Nayyar practices up to 8 hours a day to continue to perfect his musical talents. It is clear that Neil’s hard work has paid off with many appearances\ at various musical festivals, television shows and now, performances in the professional sports arena. The Sacramento Kings recently announced that the young prodigy will be performing live during half-time of the Kings vs Utah Jazz game on November 1, 2019.

The young talent has many plans for his future. He recently signed with a talent agency and has his sights set on adding acting and singing to his growing repertoire. Neil has also been working with vocal coach Raquela Burt of Elk Groves Sings as he completes his upcoming World Music album. As for his music, Neil says, “Music is my passion. I sleep in music. I wake up in music, and I play music all day,”

To find out more about Neil Nayyar or to watch past performances, please visit www.neilnayyar.com. To set up an interview with Neil Nayyar, please email Angelique Phipps at media@silentwest.com.

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Chances are if you love a particular type of music, 13-year-old Neil not only plays it, but he plays it well. Classical, Bollywood, jazz, rock, and sounds from all over the world flow from this musician. His parents credit much of his ability and love of music to Mozart classics he listened to while still in the womb. However, his talent didn’t surface until he was five years old when he took a drum class and wowed everyone, and this was just the beginning. A lot of Neil’s talent and abilities as a multi-instrumentalist are natural, but he leaves nothing to chance. In fact, he practices his music six hours each day. The child prodigy is receiving training from 25 musical professionals both locally and internationally. Neil is self-motivated and not one of those kids driven by his parents. It is all about his true love of music.

Neil currently holds the Assist Foundation’s world record as the youngest person to play all those instruments from all parts of the planet. Neil has auditioned for television shows such as America’s Got Talent and the Steve Harvey show. He is interested in a wide range of activities including hip hop, jazz and Bollywood dance, martial arts, and watching Salman Khan movies. Neil also has a passion for painting and has done more than 100 watercolor and oil paintings.


Official Website: http://neilnayyar.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/NeilMusician/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeilMusician/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeilMusician

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC52YfJc7hZFIWNqbraQ3hdQ?view_as=subscriber


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